While I love blogging and wish I could post more than once a week, senior year is in full swing and responsibilities are taking over. I just don’t have the time that I want to knock out high-quality posts more than once a week (without losing valuable sleep). That being said, I really want to beef up these Friday Chit Chats. My idea is that I’ll slightly convert a normal blog post into more of a personalized chat about whatever the week brings me to write about. I think this will help me give all that college advice that y’all love while also keeping you up to date about my life! Sound good? Great-because that’s we are doing.

After California (which was basically an excuse to take a vacation from eating healthy}, My body hated me. I was super sluggish and never felt like going out and being social. I’m sure you can imagine how that would put a damper on senior year. It wasn’t until a couple days after classes started that I finally snapped out of this rut. So, today is all about how meal prepping literally saved my life! Let’s get started >>

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Whether you’re a senior searching for a job after graduation or just a freshman starting her college career, a resume is a valuable tool for showing off all of your hard-earned accomplishments!

I know creating a resume seems daunting, but keep reading for my do's & don'ts of crafting a killer, super-professional resume in no time at all.

While simply having a resume is a great start, having a properly formatted resume is extremely important in letting future employers know that you’re a serious candidate for the job! I know creating a resume seems daunting, but keep reading for my do’s & don’ts of crafting a killer, super-professional resume in no time at all.

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It’s Friday. Which means it’s time to chat! There’s been a little gap in my Friday chit chats, but I was legitimately itching to get to writing this, so I knew I needed to just go ahead and sit down and write it before I got too late! Today’s just going to be a brain dump because a lot has been happening in my life and in the world. Basically, there’s a lot to get through. So, who’s ready for some more rambling on this fine Friday night? Yep, right after I finish writing this, I’m gonna go get pizza and watch some rom coms. It’s going to be a lit night! Also, missing Cali a little bit today; here’s a picture I took at Sunset Cliffs! Also #2: where the heck did August go?????

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College is hard, and sometimes it can even get to be unbearable if you picked up a lot of credit hours at the beginning of the semester. My best semesters weren’t necessarily where I had the easiest classes or even the lowest amount of credit hours. They were the ones when I had an organized and well thought out plan of action and good study habits. I wasn’t rewatching all of Gossip Girl for the 3rd time or waiting until the last minute to write 10 page research papers.

The semesters that I had stellar grades began after I developed a study plan that worked for me. So, I figured that this would be a popular post to bring to the blog and would have the potential to help people. Will this exact schedule work for you? Maybe not. This is great for science majors who need to study a lot of conceptual ideas. It’s likely not the best for heavy paper writing courses or even courses in the humanities. I’m not an expert in these classes because I really haven’t had to take many of them.

So sit back and get your planners ready, while I tell you all about my study plans and how I make pretty bomb grades in my science and math courses.

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I’m sitting here at the local UCSD Starbucks, sipping on some vanilla iced coffee, and just enjoying my last few minutes of calm before the storm that will be a crazy senior year. I’ve been kind of postponing writing this Friday chit chat because of the excitement of finishing yet another internship. It’s time to reflect on what was an incredible summer. So if you are interested in learning about some of the personal lessons and reflections that have come from a summer on the Pacific, keep reading!!

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You’re probably sick and tired of hearing all about my LA trip, but I also loved that weekend in the City of Stars and I just have more to share. If you follow me on the multitude of social media accounts that I run, you know that I love a good mural. And if you don’t, what the heck? Go check out my personal Instagram here and follow the blog account here. When I got to out Airbnb in West Hollywood, there was a pretty little booklet in a basket with water and towels and what not lying on the bed.

A walkable mural crawl of West Hollywood including all the best Melrose murals and some break spots for brunch and coffee in between photo ops.

My hosts were a genius because it had a list of all the fun murals you could find within a short walk from our place! Did I mention we picked the best location ever? Okay, well we did. I loved being right off Melrose and a close walk to Alfred’s and Urth and apparently a gazillion murals. So, today I’ll walk you through the murals we passed and share some pictures!! All edited with the new presets I made. Man, Lightroom is my jam when I’m not churning out science things. Let’s get into it! View Post