I am frequently getting compliments on my makeup and I thought that I would share my routine for Blogmas Day 10. Woah. We are 10 days in and I’ve only messed up once. I think that’s pretty dang good considering I’m also in the middle of final exams and papers. *Don’t worry school comes first, I know that!*

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Let’s have a chat. This semester, I’ve been struggling with self-sabotage. Basically, I’ve created conditions for myself that are less than ideal when I had plenty of other options to make things much easier. What causes this behavior? In reality, I think that the biggest reason I participate in this destructive behavior is that it is normalized. Every college student jokes about being sleep-deprived, ridiculously caffeinated, and feeling like the failure is just a test away.

I’m tired of participating in this toxic behavior. I’ve joked frequently about “dead week” and feeling overwhelmed and tired and anxious and stressed. I think the worst thing about the entire ordeal is that when we overcome the odds and end up nailing the semester when at first it seemed bleak, we feel accomplished. I personally feel that all the sleep loss and wasted time was worth it in the end. It most definitely doesn’t need to be like this and there are simple ways of stopping this toxic cycle of self-sabotage. Today, I want to talk about five ways that I have been trying to improve my behavior surrounding final exams and any other testing situations during the term.

A big part of ending the urge to self-sabotage comes from having a good self-care system. That takes the shape of eating healthy, taking useful breaks, and managing your time effectively. There is a healthier sense of accomplishment that you can take away from these behaviors. Here’s a list of some you can start implementing now!

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It breaks my heart to see the damage that is being done in the LA/SoCal area. Today’s post will be a walk down memory lane and a recap of my favorite spots from my trip to LA. If you haven’t been before, then I definitely recommend that you make the trip. 

I took a very short trip to LA a couple months ago while I was doing a summer research program in San Diego with my friend Sam. It was a blast and I am definitely a Cali girl at heart. My current plan is to own a summer home in LA and spend the rest of my time in NYC. I need a cushy corporate position ASAP. Okay but realistically, Los Angeles is such an amazing city to visit and has so much to offer to literally everyone.

There are several things that I didn’t get to see *cough* Disney Land *cough*, but I did get the chance to hit almost all of the touristy hot spots. Whether you want to soak up some sun on the beach or explore Downtown for some new mural shots, LA literally has it all. Okay, let me stop raving about one of my favorite cities and keep it moving. Today, I’m sharing 15 things that you should most definitely do when you visit LA.

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ICYMI, I’ve recently started taking my photography a lot seriously. It’s been a blast playing with shooting styles and poses and working with some new people. I’m super excited about some collaborations I have planned for 2018. I have an Instagram, Facebook, and website that you can check out to see a lot of my work. I figured that I would share some of my favorite images from my various shoots this fall.

I’m planning on doing some fun things to help out my fellow photographers looking to improve their work and move in a more professional direction. There’s a lot behind making your website and finding your editing style and accurately showcasing that to potential clients. I’ve been fine-tuning my selection of presets that I use to edit my photos and love the way they are coming together. I’m currently looking to release some to our email list in a month or two.

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Fall semester is done. That is crazy! I’m now halfway done with my senior year – only two papers and an exam stand in my way. I asked what blog post you all wanted to see today on Twitter, and a majority of you all said that you wanted to hear my fall reflections first. Don’t worry if you voted for the other three options, those are all coming soon! I love giving all of you a more in-depth look into how I’m feeling in a real-world context, so I’m excited to get into it.

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On Black Friday, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Every single year it gets harder and harder to try and figure out what to ask for. When I was a kid, I could always list a new game or electronic that would be first on my list. As you get older, you start to get excited about things like a new Keurig or a program for your computer that you wouldn’t buy normally.

I also ask for a lot of clothes, shoes, and other accessories too. Today, I’m going to be sharing my Christmas wish list. This year is a little bit weird because I am actually asking my parents to pay for a hefty portion of my spring break trip to LA {yep, I’m headed back!}. But, I know it can be hard to think of ideas of things to ask for no matter how big or how small. I love reading wish lists to get ideas, so I figured I’d make an example list of some of the things that I would ask for. Let’s get into it!

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