The Gift Guide: Preppy, Girly, and Glam

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Fun fact: I love gift giving. It may stem from my love of shopping (explains why my 5th grade email address was or it could just be from the joy on someone’s face when they open one of my gifts. As you can tell from my Grad Gift DIY, I also like to get crafty and creative with my gift giving, and I typically make something to go with whatever I purchase. One of my favorite opportunities to shop is birthdays! Most of the time when I shop for birthdays (or any occasion really!) I make a list of all the things that I think of when that person comes to mind whether it’s personality traits, interests, or inside jokes and then I set a budget.

These are my two tips for giving a super gift: 1. Think of the person and what THEY would want and 2. Set a budget. It’s a very special person’s birthday and she has no idea that I’m writing this post. So surprise! Happy Birthday Hannah! I was so very excited to go shopping for the perfect birthday gift that my list of ideas was extremely long (which turns out to be perfect inspiration for blogging material.) So here is a list of 11 things that you can get for the preppy, girly, and glam college girls in your life. The greatest thing about this list is that the products range anywhere from $5-$150 (Scared by that number? Me too. The bigger items on this list are clearly for parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents or whoever can shell out that cash. These ideas can make great Christmas gifts (or Hanukkah, Graduation, Easter etc.)! I tried to include examples for all price ranges for each item. Happy Gifting! (Warning: Brace yourselves for the amount of monogram on this list)

11 Things Every {Girly, Preppy, & Glam}Girl Wants

  1. Vinyl Monogram Decals (1.50+) here // here // here
  2. Monogram Keychains (7.00+) here // here // here
  3. Pocket Tee (15.00+) here // here // here
  4. Baseball Hat (16.00+) here // here // here
  5. Statement necklace (16.00+) here // here // here
  6. Tote Bag/Cross Body (25.00+) here // here // here
  7. Tumbler/Tervis (14.00+) here // here // here
  8. Monogrammed Jewelry (27.99+) here // here // here
  9. Wristlet/Clutch (40.00+) here // here // here
  10. Watch (50.00+) here // here // here
  11. Eyeshadow Palette(10.00+) here // here // here
What other gift giving ideas do you have? Let us know down below in the comments or on any of our social media ( @theswirlblog)!