Best of Pinterest: Going Off to College 101


It’s now mid-July aka time to buy all the things you need for college. Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Target are in full college-line swing. Are you the first kid off to college (like me!) or do you always overpack (also me)? Well, I’ve put together a round up of some of my favorite articles and graphics from Pinterest! You can even just look at my Pinterest board for the entire collection, or you can sift through the lists below to find specific pins based on category and topic. Get your notebooks and pens ready for your first course: Going Off to College 101. I would say I spent hours and hours compiling my college boards last summer, so I can honestly say that these are some really good resources to have under your belt!

Bonus! Here are some of my own tips for starting the college preparation journey! Some things to note about packing for college. (I’ll have a logistical “How to Pack for College the Smartest Way” up in a week or two.)

  • For all of your large appliances (e.g. TV, mini-fridge, microwave), it’s super important to talk out who’s bringing what with your future roomie! You can even use this to start a conversation if you’ve never met before!
  • Less is more. You’re moving into a dorm, but you’ll have access to civilization and a Walmart that’s probably down the street. I found it easier to pick up food and cleaning supplies once I arrived in Chapel Hill.
  • Bring something to decorate that really fits YOUR personality. I felt a lot of pressure before college to match with my roommate after combing through Pinterest. If that’s what you want to do, do you! For all of you on the fence, Charlotte and I’s room was awesome and our sides were so different!

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NOW, onto the good stuff! Enjoy my Pinterest Roundup: Going Off to College 101! Check out all my pins on my Best of Pinterest: Going Off to College Board!

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Need some dormspiration *Dorm inspiration*? I got you covered with these super amazing dorm rooms! These gave me some really cool ideas for my own room like hanging lights and under-the-bed storage!

Destress your packing

Everything from what to pack to how to pack it! Don’t stress out about the long process and get it done quickly and seamlessly! Check out these all inclusive lists and tips from college students themselves!

Cleaning And Practical TIPS and Tricks

Did your mom clean your room? Never had to do laundry before?  Check these out for some tips and tricks!

Health kick

Want to keep off the Freshman 15? It’s even possible to have a Freshman -15, if you follow these pins! Healthy snacking options and dorm workouts kept me active and kicked my hunger!

Make the grade

So college IS school which means you need to study and stay prepared and organized! Pinterest is a great resource on guides to studying and good resources for curing stress and making the best grades you can!

Things to Know

You can save money if you know all the student discounts. Want a cute outfit for the weekend get together? Check out some fashion blogs! Want to get the most out of your iPad? Check out some new apps! Have a big interview? Make sure you nail it with the right outfit using a super simple dress code decoder.

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