Workout Essentials Roundup

Workout Essentials Roundup

Hey guys! Before my workout essentials roundup, I just wanted to say HAPPY TWO MONTH-IVERSARY TO THE SWIRL!! Gabby and I can’t believe that it’s been just 60 days since we created our blog, and we really want to thank you for taking the time to read our blog and offer feedback via social media! We can’t wait to see what the next months will bring.

Today, I decided to post a simple roundup of all my favorite workout essentials.

Workout Essentials Roundup

  1. Sweaty Bands – These are my FAVORITE headbands ever. My hair has absolutely no texture, but the velvety texture of the underside of these headbands helps them stay in place all day! I think between my sister and I, we own at least 8 of these awesome headbands.
  2. Nike Tempo Shorts (aka “Norts”) – Norts are basically a staple of every college girl’s wardrobe, and for good reason! These are by far my favorite workout shorts because they don’t ride up and they don’t chafe! And bonus, I pair them with my favorite t-shirts and pair of Birkenstocks for a lazy Saturday outfit.
  3. Target Sports Bras – You really can’t go wrong with Target sports bras. They come in so many fabulous colors with so many different support levels, and are inexpensive but well-made. Plus, why would you not want an excuse to browse Target?
  4. Brooks Glycerin running shoes – I’ve tried so many different brands of running shoes, and I found that Brooks are the perfect ones. They come with just enough cushion but aren’t too clunky, and are the only brand of shoes that don’t give me blisters when I run. While Brooks are my favorite, I would definitely recommend going to a running store near you to have them fit you for the perfect running shoe
  5. Paula’s Choice Oil Absorbing Sheets – These thin sheet are perfect for a quick post-workout face cleaning. I pat my face down before I leave the gym or right after a run so the excess oil doesn’t clog my skin (hello pimples!).
  6. Camelback Water Bottle – I love this model of Camelback because the bite valve makes it really easy to take swigs of water while you’re working out, versus having to unscrew a lid like a traditional water bottle. These water bottles are really durable, and the large size (a whole liter!) means that you’re not running over to the water fountain every two seconds.
Did I miss any of your favorite workout essentials? Do you have a go-to brand for workout clothes, or do you pick and choose the best of the best? Let me know in the comments or on social media (@theswirlblog). Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


  • These are all definitely the bomb!
    I really prefer aasics or saucony, but like you said it’s best to get fitted for the right shoe. Most stores do it for free! I think another essential to me is a good pair of socks. They can help prevent blsitering and keep your feet dry!


    • I totally agree! I used to have problems with blisters and calluses until I found the right socks; finding the right pair of socks seems so trivial but they really do make a difference! 🙂 -Hannah

  • Makes me want to go get all the pretty things to get myself motivated to start working out again!

    • I totally agree that buying new workout clothes encourages me to workout! Thanks for reading my post! 🙂 – Hannah