A College Girl’s Style Guide: Outfits for Every Campus Occasion


A week ago, I came across a tweet from Cathleen over at ClassyCathleen who was calling for bloggers to participate in her #BloggersBTS link up [bloggers share other bloggers posts surrounding a general theme] that she’s hosting with Nicole over at empirestyles! Naturally, Hannah and I hopped on the opportunity to mingle with other bloggers while getting The Swirl more viewers! This week’s theme is fashion and as a college lifestyle blogger; I wanted my post to connect those two themes! So here are some tips and outfit ideas/inspiration for campus occasions you’ll definitely want to attend!

The Football Game

There are usually two different styles you can pull off at every home game! You can go dressed up or relaxed, it really depends on you! Interested in dressing up? I recommend a white or school-color dress and sandals with some assorted jewelry pieces! I’m in love with everything Kendra Scott! Also, you’ll need some A+ cheering materials (aka pom poms and towels) to twirl in the air as you root for your #1 team! If you want more of a “(Enter school here)’s Biggest Fan” look; I would go for a cute school t shirt paired with some denim cut offs and white sneakers! Super easy and comfortable but great for Instagram pictures with friends!

~Outfit 1: Dress // Necklace // Shoes //

~Outfit 2: Shirt // Bracelet // Shoes // Shorts


You’ll want to impress your professors and your classmates the first two weeks! I’d stick with basic tops and jeans, paired with statement necklaces and a cute tote bag! [I personally carry a book bag because of the long walk from north campus to my dorm.] It’s easy and saves a bunch of time so you can get plenty of sleep!  I also try to pull something out of my closet that I feel confident and cute in on test days. “Feel better, test better. Ay?” Most of the time you’ll probably slip into a Norts and oversized shirt routine especially when the never-ending cycle of midterms begins! It’s a-okay, everyone does it! ProTip: Always carry around a sweater, cardigan, or quarter zip because lecture halls can get a little chilly!


~Outfit 1 Shirt // Shorts // Quarter Zip // Shoes // Watch

~Outfit 2 Shirt // Shoes // Pants // Necklace // Tote


You have the most freedom with your weekend outfits! Coffee dates and brunches with your girlfriends are the perfect opportunity to show off your style and wear all the cute clothes you don’t wear to class. A good romper and jean jacket combo is always a good go-to outfit! So you got invited to a formal/gala? It’s the perfect opportunity to slip into your favorite LBD–BTW YES YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE OF THESE. You can also wear this to birthday dinners and dressier outings with friends!

~Outfit 1 Romper // Jean Jacket // Shoes // Cross body

~Outfit 2 Dress // Watch // Heels // Earrings // Eye Shadow


The key here is to raid Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe for basic skirts, tops, jeans, shoes, jewelry, etc for super cheap. If it’s not a costume party or a formal, frats like to keep it casual for their typical run-of-the-mill events. Find cute tops to mix and match with skirts or denim. I’d probably stay away from light colored shoes (even though I think these ballet flats from Forever 21 are super cute and are only $10.90 so why not?). A majority of the time I abide by the this basic rule: black is always safe. LBD, black ballet flats, black cross body— you’ll never go wrong with the neutral black option! ProTip: If it is your favorite “enter item of clothing or accessory”, do not wear it to a house/frat party of any kind. It will get messed up just because it’s your favorite!

Top // Jeans // Cross body // Flats // Necklace

I hope you enjoyed all my looks for all your campus events! Do you have any staple pieces that you love to wear? Sound off in the comments! Be Sure to Check out my favorite posts from the #BloggersBTS link up by following the swirl on twitter! [@theswirlblog] If you’re from the link up, leave your links so I can read your posts!

  • Great outfits!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad that you enjoyed them ~G

  • I love the dress to impress class outfit! Such great ideas!

  • I love these combos! Dress to Impress & Life of the Party are my favorites. So true about not wearing your favorite pieces to parties, haha. I always pick something that I won’t be upset about if it gets ruined. Can’t wait to see more #bloggersBTS posts!

  • What a cute post idea! I love how you gave each outfit set a different name. Thank you so much for joining our linkup, I hope you’ll be posting the the following weeks as well 🙂
    XO, Nicole

  • I always find that I feel more awake and motivated for class when I actually put on real pants (aka jeans) instead of my comfy leggings or sweats. I always make sure to give myself at LEAST one day of the week to “bum it.” (Let’s be real though–that can sometimes be the whole week)
    Much Love, Vanessa

    • Bum days turn it to weeks which turn into months which turn into the rest of the semester! College life is hard haha! Thanks for reading 🙂 ~G

  • Thanks so so SOOO much for linking up with us!! We hope you’ll be joining us in the next weeks too 🙂 You shared the perfect outfits for all the important occasions..

  • These outfits are so cute and realistic! I would actually wear this stuff.

  • So cute and perfect. I think it surprises a lot of people that college students don’t dress up for class (GASP).

    Emma | Seeking the South

  • OMG i just came across your blog and i’m so excited because i’m about to start college in the fall! Thanks for the great posts! i actually just did a post about my thoughts towards moving out and all that jazz haha

    xx closetchronicle.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad you like our posts! I really love blogging about college, so I think you’ll find some helpful posts! 🙂 ~G

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  • So many amazing outfits! I definitely agree about the little black dress, I have had one that has come in handy for many different events throughout college. I am going to refer back to this post for some inspiration once semester starts. Thank you for the great post!

    • YES, a little black dress is essential for college nightlife and professional things! Glad you liked the post!
      xo, G