12 Ways to Kick Off Your Fall Semester


I’ve read a lot of blogs about how terrible sophomore year can be–it does make sense between the harder classes and extra distance between your hall mate best friends–sophomore year could be a bust. But, I like to stay positive so I thought of some things I can’t wait to do this year to keep me motivated and up beat about starting my second year of college! If you want to see what I want to do my first few weeks on campus and maybe get some ideas to create your own action packed start of the year, keep reading!

1. Take a picture With your favorite spot on campus!

I’ve made this into my own little tradition! I took pictures with a lot of different
monuments/campus hot spots when I visited last spring and during the school year. How cool would it be to have a picture in one location for all four years. You can see how you’ve grown and everything you’ve accomplished over the time span!

2. Fill your new planner with dates for exams, breaks, days off, and weekend plans!

I love a good planning session! You can whip out the school’s official academic calendar and fill in Fall, Thanksgiving, and Winter Breaks. Have your syllabi? Mark your exams and big assignments now; you’ll have no chance of forgetting them later! I plan on taking some weekend trips for shopping and amusement parks; I’ll make sure to mark those down too! Need a planner? Check out our posts here, here, and here!

3. Walk out your schedule with friends.

“Only first years need to do this.” I might know where all the buildings are, but I couldn’t tell you the classroom locations! Walk the campus a couple days before classes start to get an idea of where the classroom is located! You can also reminisce about all the fun times you had last year!

4. Go back to your favorite restaurant.

I didn’t have the chance to go to Noodles and Company once the WHOLE summer and I’ve been craving a delicious bowl of spaghetti and meatballs for weeks now! Take your first few days back on campus to go by your favorite shops and restaurants! They’ve missed you almost as much as you’ve missed them.

5. Try something new: Restaurant, Activity, etc.

New year, new you. Right? I’m actually DIY-ing a way to get the most out of the area around your campus! Check it out here when it gets posted!

6. Attend the first home game of the season!

College football is one of the reasons fall semester is definitely the best one! Fall makes my campus absolutely beautiful and football gets everyone riled up and full of school spirit! Make sure to sit in the student section for the best experience!

7. Get to know your new room/suitemates.

Have something that’s a good conversation starter! I like to bake (blog post on single-serving naughty brownies coming soon) which always gets people talking about how they have a sweet tooth and can eat a whole box of Thin Mints in a day! For your healthier mates, have some Kind bars or fruit salad on hand, food can get you into the good graces of almost any college student!

8. Sign up for new clubs.

Now’s the time to find clubs that you’re truly passionate about! That’s Relay for life for me, but you might like HOSA or Club Water Polo! Worried about grad school? They want to see that you find organizations that you’re passionate about, too! Join clubs and committees you can see yourself being helpful in!

9. Invite a first year/transfer student out to lunch and answer all their questions!

You can combine number 5 with this one. You’ll not only introduce them to something super delicious around campus but they’ll also appreciate all of the knowledge, time and advice you give them!

10. Attend as many week of welcome/year kick off events as possible.

Meeting new people and making new friends are a lot easier at these events because a lot of people involved are trying new things and will be open to meeting new people! Take advantage of that! I like to go to the Out of State Student Association and Relay for Life interest meetings to find other people with similar interests! It’s one of my goals this year to be more outgoing! First years: Make sure you go to your convocation!

11. Rack up on free stuff: Food, shirts, prizes

This one is pretty self explanatory. Take advantage of the free food and goodies at interest meetings and school sponsored events!

12. Treat yourself to one college PARAPHERNALIA item.

You’ll walk away in May next spring with approximately 25 free shirts, but you might want something a little different! The Student Stores typically run big sales during the fall semester: high visitor rates= high student store sales! Invest in a hoodie, car decal, or coffee mug for an extra touch of school pride in your life!

 What things do you like to do to kick off the new school year? Let me know in the comments below! Fall semester is definitely my favorite time of the year–after christmas of course 🙂