#BloggersBTS Week 3: College Desk Organization!

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I’m currently waiting patiently for my physics studio (aka lab) to start and decided to write a quick blog post! Today’s all about my dorm room’s life line: my desk. Literally, if someone wanted to make me stressed out all they would have to do is mess up my desk! I think your desk in college is one of the most important places in the room even if you don’t use it to study. I eat, do my makeup, take an occasional spur of the moment nap, and most importantly, I pull some late night study sessions. I feel like my life is a lot more put together when my desk is organized and decluttered. So here is a up-close-and-personal look at how I organize my desk. Some things to know:

Items that you can always find on my desk:

  • Keys- Command hooks save lives.
  • Phone
  • iPad/Laptop
  • Textbooks
  • Water bottle
  • Plum Paper Planner!- I’m absolutely loving this student planner. I’m going to do a whole post about how I write in my planner a few weeks into classes!
  • Lotion
  • Post-it notes
  • pens/pencils
  • Lamp
  • Alarm clock/iPod docking station

Where did I get my desk supplies?

  • Desk organizers and pencil cup- Target
  • Lamp- Target
  • Desk hutch- My dad made this for me, want a blog post on how to make your own? Let me know!
  • Makeup Organizerat Home (I did a whole blog post on how I organize my makeup here!)
  • Earring Holder- at Home

– A desk is for more than just studying! However, if you want to have a fully functional “life” desk. It needs to be SUPER organized. I have made mine organized by separating shelves into categories. The first shelf which is basically the desk is reserved for school supplies: textbooks, my laptop, pens/pencils, and post it notes!

-The second shelf is all for “primping” as they say. As for who they is, I’ve never been able to figure that one out. I have my makeup, jewelry, and medications in three sections across the second shelf! It makes it super easy for me to locate everything in the morning!

-The top shelf is simply for decoration! I have photos and air freshener with my sunglasses lined up as well.

-The drawer over my chair is a place for me to store items I use daily like coupons or storing items like command hooks, loose change, a screwdriver, and letters I need to send/respond to! I use a desk organizer from Walmart to store everything in!

-The shelves on the side of my desk are reserved for my extra supplies like scantrons, blue books, looseleaf, staples, post its, and tape. The second drawer has all my hair products: straightener, curling iron, comb/brush, etc. I put all my binders and notebooks for my classes in the bottom large drawer with an accordion file with contracts and other important information I could need for the year!


How do you organize your desk? Do you have any tips for keeping your desk clean? Let me know in the comments below! Follow us on twitter and instagram @Theswirlblog! Thanks for reading! Are you from the #BloggersBTS Link Up? Leave your links below so I can read all about your desk obsessions and Check out your blog 🙂


  • Do a post on how to make your own hutch!

  • definitely would be interested in diy desk hutch! Heading back to school soon and would love to learn how to diy things 🙂
    ps love the planner!

  • I would 100% be interested in a post about the hutch! I just moved into my dorm about two weeks ago, and my desk is definitely lacking vertical storage. I always feel like I’m running out of room on my desk!
    -Abigail Thomas

  • Katlyn

    I love this! I agree, it’s so important to keep a neat desk- I know I study better and even sleep better when my desk is neat! One of my goals for this semester is to tidy up my desk every night. It’s so easy for my desk to get cluttered as it’s only 30″ wide!