Dress Well, Test Well: A College Girl’s Guide to Rocking Test Day!


So, I posted a fun little #ootd on Instagram a couple of weeks ago during my first round of exams with the caption, “dress well, test well?”, and it got me thinking about how perfect a blog post all about how to have a phenomenal test day experience would be. So, here we go!

The truth is preparing for test day has to start a couple of days to a week in advance with:

  • a study plan- Get out your handy dandy planners and set up a study schedule that will fit within completing all of the work you have for your other classes whether that is studying for that exam or completing seven thousand online homework assignments– yes, I’m still salty.
  • practice exams- The most efficient way to study in a hectic environment like college when you have 5 club meetings, a football game, 3 tests, and family weekend is coming so you need to clean your room cough*me*cough is to identify what you DON’T know. No need to spend countless hours reviewing the two characteristics of a hypothesis–testable and falsifiable–when you clearly don’t know all the solubility rules for CHEM 101. I do this by reviewing notes, working more textbook problems, and diving into practice exams to see what problems I always seem to miss/struggle with.
  • Figure out YOUR perfect study space/environment! I can’t stress how important the perfect study space is essential to how you’ll a. study and b. perform on tests. I love to study in the library study rooms where it’s quiet, but not too quiet. I lovee listening to music; it helps me drain everything else out–Check out the Pop Study Playlist for some really good study music. I know a lot of people like to study with music with no lyrics. I like Disney instrumentals for really intense studying!

Now, it’s the night before the exam: 

  • Take it easy. Don’t cram, review your notes, work some last minute problems, and attend review sessions. Work on some assignments for other classes. Give your a brain rest and get a great night’s sleep. I love to catch up on DanielleMarie youtube videos while sipping a delicious Salted Caramel Mocha from SB.
  • Eat a dinner filled with “brain food”. Protein and veggies are your best friend. Start preparing your brain for the beast of an exam your going to take by taking care of yourself. Go for a run if you’re feeling super ambitious too!

EXAM DAY. Today is the day, here’s how to calm yourself down and excel:

  • Pick out a super cute outfit. I’m a firm believer in the “dress well, test well” philosophy. I feel so great when I do something with my hair, apply some makeup, and pick out a super cute-and comfy- outfit! Here are some of my favorite comfy chic outfits, I’ve worn on test day!
  • Eat a great breakfast! Breakfast needs to be eaten everyday–it’s the most important meal of the day, you know! But, it is crucial to have a great breakfast on test day! You’re brain needs nutrients in order to work at its most efficient level! For something quick, I like to have a bagel with Nutella or peanut butter and a nice glass of almond milk! You can also hit up the dining hall for eggs and bacon with a side of fruit!

You’re gonna rock test day! Confidence is key. Study hard and it will pay off.

keep on keepin’ on,

  • Megan kauffman

    I am close to finishing up my first semester in college and I over did my self by taking on to many and organization and working all the time so I am looking at blogs on how to better next semester and study tips and organization tip you know the works.. your blog she been helpful so thank you and keep it up

    • I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed our blog posts! Obviously, I was overwhelmed this semester and really slacked with my posts! I’ll be back with some more helpful content in the coming weeks! I hope you rock your finals!! Good Luck! ☺️