#CampusApproved Workout Schedule and Fitness Goals: Winter/Spring 2016!


One of my biggest struggles at college is finding a reasonable workout schedule that fits in and that I’ll actually keep up with! Well, I felt like I would share with you what I do from week to week in the gym. Most schools will give you free– or mostly free– access to the gym and group exercise classes like Zumba and cycle. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM. These are my favorite ways to get fit during the year and only require me to sign up and show up!


  • Grab a buddy! You know those days where you would rather eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough and watch New Girl on Netflix rather than do an hour long kickboxing class. Well, your gym buddy will keep you from all those calories and from wasting 6 hours.
  • Stock your bag with all the essentials!

 Gym Bag // Water Bottle // Lipbalm // Headbands // Socks // Warmup Jacket

  • Bring a towel!!


It’s really important to me to mix a lot of different types of workouts into my weekly routine. My favorites are kickboxing and Zumba, but the calorie burners and muscle builders are Muscle Cut(weights) and Cycle! I tend to hit the gym 3-5 times a week, but I can’t go longer than 3 days without working out! So, some weeks if there is a game that weeknight, I’ll make that a break day! Typically, I have super busy Saturdays so that’ll be another break day.


  1. Keep up with this workout schedule for at least 3 months(I’d like to go the entire semester)!
  2. Add in the Summer Body Workout after two weeks of start date (January 19).
  3. Get my friends to go with me! Form a group of gym buddies!
  4. Wear my FitBit daily!
  5. Keep the workout flexible and try new classes every couple of weeks.

#YGG Workout Playlist

Motto 2016: You go girl! Here’s a playlist that will keep you going into the last 10 minute stretch! If you love Beyoncé and Nicki, you’ll think this playlist is… flawless 😉

I hope this helped you, inspired you, got you pumped to workout this semester, or was just fun to read! Tweet me with the hashtag #campusapproved and your workout plans/favorite class/routine etc.! Thanks for following along!

  • This is so great! I’m starting tomorrow with the Blogilates February calendar. It’s like four or five workouts a day with videos to go along! I’m really excited to see what the results will be if I stick to it. I hope you achieve your workout goals!

  • This post is SO helpful! As a college student I am always looking for easy fit tips!

    – Seri