A College Girl’s Guide: Splurge vs. Save

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I haven’t been shopping for a while. I was saving up for my spring break trip which I’m actually really excited to document extensively. Instagram photos galore and maybe a Day in My Life post everyone wanted in January! I’ll be roadtripping it in 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. However, whenever I’m about to go an a big trip I like to save up money so that I can eat at the restaurants I want to and shop at the stores I want to! So, in honor of saving and being fiscally responsible today’s post is all about finding good inexpensive dupes of some popular designer products that you can find in stores that you always shop in anyway. 

S’well water bottle

This luxury water bottle can supposedly keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for up to 12. It rings up at a steep $42, and if you’re like me and have a hard time coughing up the cash for something like a water bottle there are some other viable options here.


Not gonna lie, I absolutely love my Longchamp and would pay the ridiculous amount of money again if I had to to buy another one or replace the one I have. It’s the perfect tote bag especially when I travel! I can put my keys and wristlet into the small pocket and then throw everything else in! Here are some fab finds for less here and here.

Bean Boots

Bean boots make me laugh because I used to think they were so ugly and so did like everyone else. My mom wore them in “her time” and said she loved them so I figured why not give them a try. They are my favorite boots for fall, winter, and until it gets too hot in the spring/summer. I always have my eyes on another pair! Here is a nice alternative if the back order wait has you in awe and the price is a little scary.

JCrew Necklace

Aside from being one of my favorite stores, J.Crew has some of the most beautiful jewelry on the planet! This gorgeous statement necklace will ring up with a high price tag, so I recommend skipping the pricy option above and getting super cute options here and here! (P.S. You can still splurge on some J.Crew stuff at the factory stores and online! It’s all the J.Crew you love at a discounted price!)

Kate Spade Phone Case

If I ever feature Kate Spade on our Instagram account, I always use #LiveColorfully because all of her bags, clothes, and phone cases are always a party! If I can’t get to an outlet store though, I have a hard time buying her accessories! I’ve recently been super obsessed with casetify.com, a website where you can choose from hundreds of really cool designs! The best news: these are super awesome quality cases with super cute prints for $40. I’m sorry but you just can’t beat that!

Lululemon leggings

Right now, I’m eyeing lululemon leggings and a workout bag which would probably down my bank account by $200. Yikes. I love buying fun and trendy workout clothes because it really makes me WANT to go to the gym! I buy most of all my workout clothes from Nike and Old Navy! I love ON’s compression pants and leggings and their yoga tops are killer! Check out their entire active wear line here!

I’m really excited to share my road trip adventures and photos with all of you. But until then, you can find my other fiscally responsible post here. Hopefully, I won’t spend too much money until then!

keep on keepin’ on,