Winter Essentials (To Stock Up On Today!)

Winter Essentials To Buy in the Spring

With the advent of spring, lots of retailers are having huge markdowns on their winter gear. While it might be tempting to purchase that cute new bathing suit you’ve been eyeing, set a little of your shopping money aside and stock up on winter essentials – you’ll save a couple of bucks and you won’t be caught off guard when winter comes early next year! 

*Small disclaimer: these links are for items that are on sale now – even though they might not have these particular items when you check, still look around the sale sections for great deals on past-season items! 🙂

1. Socks

You can really never have too many socks – more socks means fewer bare toes on a cold dorm room floor and less laundry! I love socks because you can make them as crazy as you want, and no one has to know (no judgement if you pull your boots off and show them to all your friends in class, though!). These fun socks from Patagonia will keep you toasty and add an element of fun when you’re scrambling to get dressed for that 8:00 class!

2. Vests

I love J.Crew vests for the fall/winter season because they’re so lightweight and can turn even a long sleeve t-shirt into a great outfit! Look for sales at both J.Crew and J.Crew factory to score a vest at least 40% off! (Side note: these tend to run large so I would recommend ordering a size down from your normal size!)

3. A Winter Coat

Although winter seems like years away at this point, it’s a great time to invest in a heavy-duty winter coat! Lots of store are trying to get rid of last season’s inventory, so you’ll be able to score a well-made coat (think quality down fill) for much cheaper than in the fall when everyone is looking for a coat! LandsEnds makes a great, durable parka that is sure to last you through even the coldest of winters!

4. Bean Boots

I could rave on and on about my Bean Boots (I have two pairs), but really I think the fact that these shoes have been around forever really speaks to how awesome they are! While these boots are not specifically on sale, you’ll want to order a pair now so that you’ll have them for winter – every pair is handmade, so ordering a pair when the weather gets colder means that you might not receive them until it’s too warm to wear them! (Pro tip: Live in the Artic Tundra (aka Midwest/ North)? I recommend the shearling-lined or Thinsulate boots to keep your toes dry and toasty!)

5. Fleece Pullovers

I live in my Patagonia fleece pullovers on the weekends, whether I’m having a marathon Netflix session, studying in the library, or enjoying a hot brunch at the dining hall. Patagonia comes out with new fleece patterns all the time, so you can usually find a great discount on past patterns! I personally love the crazy patterns (they’re kind of so ugly that they’re cute!)  but you can also find great discounts on solid patterns. *This link take you to the full-price fleeces, but always check the “Web Specials” to see if there are any on sale!

Comment down below some of your favorite winter essentials. I’d love to hear what y’all buy to stay warm. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (@theswirlblog for all three) for new blog posts and updates!