5 Ways to Spice Up Your {Long} Weekend Home from College!


Hey, hey! I’ve been super excited about traveling and getting to explore new places, but sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck at home after watching 12 hours of Grey’s Anatomy and wanting to slap yourself for wasting so much time. It’s Easter weekend and normally I would probably be spending it with my family, but this year I’m spending the long weekend in Chapel Hill! For all of you college kiddos who are back for the weekend (or escaping responsibility before midterms and finals take over) and want some stuff to do other than eating home cooked meals and binge watching Netflix, keep reading!

1. Explore the hidden gems of your hometown with a friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

You think you know your town? You probably do, so go ahead and revisit all your favorite places that make your home special, like bridges you took silly middle school pictures at or super artsy murals that you found one day looking for prom photo locations. Bring along a friend and explore the place you probably take for granted.

2. Bake a delicious dessert for your fam or to take back to your suitemates.

Hannah and I are master bakers… I mean basically, so you’ll find a ton of amazing recipes to try right here on the swirl! These chocolate overload brownies are delish or ice cream sandwiches make for a super messy, but super fun time!


3. Pamper yourself for the day!

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Spend the day at a spa and reward yourself for the weeks of torture—I mean studying– that you’ve endured! I like to get my nails done, get my eyebrows back to Level Fleek, and a facial isn’t be bad either. Whether you do this at home or your favorite nail salon, the same relaxed feeling will come!

4. Read a book for pleasure.

I love reading, and I can finish a really good one in 4 days easily! Pick up one of my favorites from Amazon here, here, and here!


5. Take a day trip to a nearby city, amusement park, shopping mall,etc.


Hannah went zip lining without me (I’m not bitter!) a couple of weeks ago at the outdoor park a ways away from our hometown! A free weekend is the perfect excuse to visit an outlet mall or amusement park an hour or two from your hometown. A hike or white water rafting could also be a lot of fun with friends and family! Take a trip at home (or an hour away) for the day if you get absolutely bored.

I hope you enjoyed this post all about what I do for fun on my trips back home for short periods of time besides laundry and mani/pedis with Mom! Go on a weekend road trip or day trip to the outlets? Hit me up with some pictures on Twitter and Instagram with #TheSwirlTravels and don’t forget to tag us!