A College Girl’s Guide: Binge Worthy TV Shows


I feel like I’m always talking about how much Netflix I watch. I’ve yet to determine if this is a bad or good thing. Either way, honesty, the art of Binge Watching is a skill that every college, and non-college, person has mastered in the past three years. It’s not a necessary skill but definitely one that may cause adverse health effects. I always come across tweets that loo a little something like: “if anyone has any Netflix recommendations..” and I have to tell myself to wait three minutes before responding because I love giving recommendations. There are some quality shows for your viewing pleasure. So, if you’re looking for some rockin’ shows to try, look no further! Check out my favorites here.

  1. Jane the Virgin- Let me just tell you a story. About a year ago, I had my first run in with a Jane the Virgin commercial. I was preparing myself for another amazing episode of Reign when Gina Rodriguez appeared on the screen yelling at a very attractive man and some weird old guy being extremely dramatic on some cheesy looking movie set. I set Jane the Virgin aside as some stupid comedy that CW had tripped upon. MAN WAS I WRONG. I’m not gonna lie because one of the only reasons I actually began to take this show seriously is because Gina won the Golden Globe[totally deserved by the way]. If you’ve been looking for a telenovela (Spanish Soap Opera) sprinkled with a dash of comedy and a pinch of crime drama then you’ve found the perfect show. Also, *cough* I’m #TeamRafael 100% *cough*. You know he’s the attractive man I mentioned earlier.
  2. Reign- The CW kills the game. Adelaide Kane is wonderful in this 14th century French Court based drama. A juicy love triangle brews from the beginning. The show runners and writers of this show know how to create the perfect twists and turns to keep viewers interested from week to week. It’s even worse when you have two full seasons to binge in three days. Oops. This tv series will tug at your heart. The characters will make you believe in love again. And honestly, you might find yourself wanting to live in 14th century France until you remember there was no electricity, 75% of France were poor peasants, women had little to no rights, and modern technology, well, wasn’t invented yet. Basically, you just want to wear the masterpieces of gowns the characters wear from week to week.
  3. Revenge- Seasons 1-3 of Revenge are absolutely amazing. Emily Thorne is a bad a** and smart as crap. You will find yourself bouncing back and forth as to whether or not you support her tactics. I promise you some despicable things go down,  and your moral compass will be spinning in five billion different directions. Josh Bowman is the series cutie and you honestly feel bad for him towards the end of the show. It got 5 stars on Netflix, so I’d say go for it.
  4. The Vampire Diaries- I recently restarted watching this with my mom because we watched Seasons 4-6 together when I was still at home. I knew the basic gist behind the story line because of my mom’s very loose recount of the first 3 seasons. I loved what I had seen of the show and figured it would only be right to see the first parts for myself. This isn’t your run of the mill, Twilight spin off, Vampire show. It’s raw and actually a little bit scary at times. The characters have real interactions and there are no overdramatic scene sequences that involve mountaintops and glittering. The Salvatore Brothers (Paul and Ian= eye candy) cause mischief in Mystic Falls, VA. Nina Dobrev nails her roles (watch and see). Again, the CW kills it. I don’t think I haven’t liked a single show that they’ve aired.
  5. Dance Academy- This list wouldn’t be complete without the super embarrassing pre-teen show you caught yourself binge watching on Friday nights when you probably should have went out. Dance Academy is an Australian show that I found out about after watching it on Teen Nick. It’s a great show. The series follows a young Tara as she navigates the National Academy of Ballet of Australia. It’s honestly just a really cute show with with real characters. Step Up is my all time favorite movie and I love a good dance theme. This show is good for any dancers or just people who like good television.

I hope you enjoyed my inner thoughts on shows that I probably watched in a span of two weeks in all. What did I say? No shame here at The Swirl! If I missed one of your favorites, let me know!


  • I’ve heard so many great things about Jane the Virgin! I need to get on that ASAP! Can’t wait for summer break so I can finally binge this!

    • JTV is my life! I love it so much and you should definitely binge watch it ASAP!! I need to catch up on the current season too!

  • YES REIGN!!! Not many people talk about that show and I think it’s SO good!

    • Such a good show, I think I’ve gotten all my friends obsessed with it! So underrated for real.

  • I’ve been meaning to check out Reign! Some friends of mine have been urging me to watch it. Is it really that good?

    • Yes, it is so so so good! Definitely an underrated show! And there’s gonna be a 4th season which is so great! 🙂