Wednesday Obsession: Stickers

Free Preppy Brand Stickers

A couple of months ago, I decided to order a bunch of fun stickers to decorate my Camelbak and Nalgene water bottles. Most companies offer their stickers for free, so read on to find out how to get yours and start your collection for your water bottle, laptop, or car!


A lot of companies will send you stickers if you (politely!) email them with your name, a reason why you want their stickers (you love their brand, you want to decorate your water bottle/laptop/car), and your address.

Vineyard Vines (

Sperry (

Website Form

Some companies have a simple form that you can fill out on their website.


Luxley & Bernard

Southern Marsh

Jadelynn Brooke

COAST Apparel


Southern Tide

Pelican Coast


Some companies will send you stickers if you send them a self-addressed envelope. This method is a little more work but you still get some free stickers (all for the cost of two stamps!)

Half-Moon Outfitters

Over Under Clothing


Even though you have to buy these (and/or pay for their shipping), they’re usually less than $2 and come in a bunch of really cute colors!

Brewer’s Lantern

Marley Lilly

Southern Shirt Company

 Make sure to tweet us (@theswirlblog) pictures of your sticker haul!


  • OMG! I remember being quite obsessed with stickers a couple of years ago! I had about three shoe boxes filled with them! Until my nephews and niece decided to stick all of them to their faces lmao