Real Talk: 10 Ways to be More Independent in College!


I’ve always been a very independent person and I think it’s time for me to spread some wisdom.┬áLet me tell you, college becomes a really hard place for people who aren’t independent.

“How do you know that?””How are you so prepared all the time?” “Ask Gabs, she’ll know?” Well people, half the time, it’s the Internet. Don’t know where to pay tuition? Internet. Wanna register to vote, but don’t know how? You guessed it, Internet.

So, I love all of you and want you to be successful, so here’s to 10 things to get you to be more independent on campus and just in life!

1. Set up your own bank account and start budgeting.

2. Buy yourself a planner and use it.

3. Stay up to date with the world: get skimm’d.

4. Read a good autobiography.

5. Go grocery shopping.

6. Go on a “me time” breakfast/lunch/dinner date.

7. Clean up your CV/Personal Statement.

8. Develop a morning routine.

9.Schedule all your necessary health appointments (Doctor, dentist, Dermatologist, whoeva)

10. Go see your academic major advisor and plan out the next semester or talk about internships & scholarships & your future!

I hope you enjoyed this list and that it gets you feeling independent super quick!