Thanks Mom.


Happy Mother’s Day. Thank You for:

  1. teaching me to love who I am.
  2. always encouraging me to reach for my dreams.
  3. going with me to get my nails done.
  4. helping me pick out the perfect prom dress.
  5. accepting me during my mental breakdowns.
  6. laughing at my bad jokes.
  7. telling me when I’m being ungrateful.
  8. letting me foster my independence.
  9. conditioning me to become a marathon shopper.
  10. giving me your great sense of style.
  11. being my emotional twin.
  12. giving me the childhood you always wanted.
  13. being a mother I could rely on.
  14. rubbing in my face that people say we look like sisters.
  15. doing my chores the first few days of break.
  16. recognizing I’m dead after my 3.5 hour car trip home.
  17. continuing to wake up at 6 am when I come home.
  18. falling asleep whenever we watch a movie.
  19. helping me adjust to people who snore.
  20. being my partner in crime.
  21. reading my writing and telling me when it’s bad.
  22. making me feel tech savvy.
  23. making me work out when I just wanted to watch reruns of New Girl.
  24. showing me how to fight for what I want.
  25. throwing me the most hoppin’ birthday parties.
  26. being a strong woman.
  27. going above and beyond in everything that you do for our family.
  28. never holding back your opinion [except for when Tom comes.]
  29. helping me practice eyeshadow looks on you.
  30. loving me.
  31. encouraging me to do the right thing.
  32. always having my back.
  33. being protective.
  34. having a phenomenal friend/personality radar.
  35. letting me make my own mistakes.
  36. teaching me the importance of being perceptive.
  37. those hype Easter egg baskets.
  38. being crafty.
  39. documenting almost every part of my childhood.
  40. my baby books.
  41. talking about how well you’ll treat my kids.
  42. not pretending to be perfect.
  43. visiting me at school to go shopping.
  44. reading the young adult books I read.
  45. and then seeing the movie adaptations in the theaters with me.
  46. treating me with respect.
  47. teaching me manners and the art of dinner place settings.
  48. scolding me when I was wrong.
  49. being you.
  50. being my mom.