How I Want to Decorate My College Apartment!


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If you follow us on Pinterest {and if you don’t, please do!}; you know that I’ve been binge pinning these past few months onto the “My Apartment” board. I have a hundred different ideas swirling around in my head and so I thought that writing about how I want to decorate my apartment would help me calm down and be productive.

This will be my first ever apartment and my first time living off campus. I decided to live on campus my first two years of college: honestly, it was probably the best decision for me because it was convenient and allowed me to foster friendships with people that I might not have met if I didn’t live on campus. But, I’m taking the big leap and moving off campus next year and couldn’t be more excited for the space and freedom!

I won’t have much free time between my internship and volunteering to really think about the apartment much this summer, but luckily, it comes fully furnished already and it makes it a lot easier for me to focus on the fun ~and less stressful~ parts of moving in to an apartment, like decorating.

Don’t fret if you’re responsible for furnishing your entire apartment because CORT has your back. CORT Furniture Rental gives you the opportunity to rent stylish furniture at affordable prices. The coolest thing about CORT is the customizable student packages that they offer. You can team up with your roommates and have all of your bedrooms, the kitchen, and living room fully furnished in a blink of an eye.

So your dad has a bad back? CORT also has everything delivered and set up for you. Did I mention they even supply you with a mattress!? This summer I’ll be able to focus on my research lab responsibilities and won’t be constantly concerned with having the highest bid on the UNC Free and For Sale page or wondering if the sofa on Craigslist will be available in August. You can live the worry free life too by checking out CORT’s website right now!

Like I said, the less time you have to focus on the bed frame, the more time you can spend on finding the perfect bed spread! Keep reading to see how I’m planning on decorating my first apartment!

My Room: Bedding, Color Scheme, Decor!

So, my style has changed over the years from Tweetie Bird to Pink ‘n Purple Explosion and now finds itself at a cross between Sophisticated Chic and Glam Girl. So here‘s where I’m going for my color palette and bedding/decor for my bedroom!

Color Scheme

Apartment Decor Ideas!

As you can see, I’ve put in a lot of time and effort planning out my dream decor from color scheme to aesthetic! Remember, don’t stress about having to go from 0 to a fully furnished apartment and fill in the gaps with CORT Furniture Rental! If you have any questions about the furniture rental, be sure to check out the CORT furniture website here!

As always feel free to tweet me and Instagram your college apartments! I love interacting with all our readers! And don’t forget to rent furniture from CORT !


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