A Day in the Life of a STEM Major

A Day in the Life of A STEM Major

In a Twitter poll we conducted a few months back, a lot of you asked us to do a “Day in the Life” series! Here’s what a typical Monday looks like for me – it’s jam packed and sometimes a little stressful but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

8:00 AM – Wake up.

8:15 AM – Okay, seriously, wake up.


8:35 – Stumble to the sink.

8:45 – Regret not waking up 10 minutes earlier; throw hair into a braid, ponytail, or bun.

9:25 – Leave for class. Oh wait, Hannah, doesn’t your class start at 9:25? Yes, yes it does.

9:31 – Arrive at Linear Algebra. Furiously start scribbling down the last 6 minutes of notes the Prof has written on the board.

10:30 – Walk to Microeconomics. Before class, check the Skimm and read the New York Times daily briefing while chowing down on a BelVita bar.

11:30 – Walk to work (I work at a cafe on campus!). Check inventory, make coffee, and complete linear algebra homework while the cafe is empty; chow down on a fruit cup and a cheese stick along with coffee #1 for the day.

12:30 PM – Shift ends! Walk to Organic Chemistry and check emails, Facebook, and maybe send out a tweet or two.

12:50 – Organic chemistry starts. Only 50 more minutes to go.

1:15 – Okay, it has to have been like 45 minutes, right? ONLY 25 MINUTES??? Sigh.

1:40 – Walk Run out of Orgo

1:50 – Spend 3 hours in Stats office hours trying to complete homework assignment; the hanger (hungry anger) is so real right around 3:30

4:30 – Grab a quick dinner before tutorial

5:00 – Numerical and Statistical Analysis tutorial – bleh. Nothing like doing stats for 4 hours on a Monday afternoon

6:00 – Take a break; check some emails, Facebook, etc.

7:00 – Coffee #2 of the day. Cry a little because I spend like $4/day on coffee. Stop crying once I realize how much I love coffee.

7:30 – More homework!

10:30 – Workout, do more homework, or study for an upcoming test, depending on how the week looks. Depending on how many pairs of leggings I have left, maybe a load of laundry.

12:45 AM – Start to wrap up work, double check my agenda for the next day, put a BelVita bar in my backpack so that my future self isn’t starving tomorrow morning

1:00 – Wind down, get ready for bed, check the weather for tomorrow. 25% chance of rain? Definitely bringing an umbrella.

1:30 – Off to bed!

8:00(ish) – Another morning, another day of being a STEM major 🙂

So that’s a pretty typical Monday for me! Class, homework, and coffee are pretty much my life, but it keeps me busy! Are your Mondays jam-packed, or do you like to start your week off slow? Let me know in the comments!



  • The struggle to get up in the morning is SO real. -_- I’ve had way too many buzzer-beater mornings at the office to count. You know the drill – skid into room and clock in literally two minutes before you’re considered late.

    • I totally feel that! I’m always late enough that I come after everybody else, but I try not to be so late that it’s disrespectful or distracting! Thanks for reading! 🙂