5 Amazing Water Bottles to Try Right Now

5 Amazing Water Bottles to Try Right Now

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It’s no secret that I love reusable water bottles. I may have come home from college with 5 stashed away in both my checked luggage and my carryon! I’m always on the lookout for the best water bottles around; I need something that I can toss around, something that can hold a lot of water, and something that’s really cute and colorful! Check out my 5 favorite water bottles after the jump!

The All-Around: CamelBak

CamelBak has been my go-to water bottle for a long time, mostly because I love to decorate them with stickers! My favorite CamelBaks are the bite valve and the screw-top. The bite valve is great for when you don’t want to unscrew a cap (think: the gym). The screw-top one is a great everyday bottle because you don’t have to worry about the mouthpiece getting dirty if you accidentally drop your water bottle on the ground!

Pick one up if: You constantly have your water bottle by your side. 


The Heavy Duty: Nalgene

I bought a Nalgene for my job as a camp counselor, because I needed something large and durable. My 1 liter Nalgene held up against hot days by the pool, countless canoe rides, and being tossed during forest hikes and playground games. Even though they’re a little bulky, a Nalgene is a must-have if you spend a lot of time outdoors and end up drinking a lot of water!

Pick one up if: You’re looking for a water bottle that is both large and extremely durable. 


The Sleek & Stylish: S’Well

Wow wow wow am I in love with S’Well. I ordered one on a whim a couple of months ago and I have seriously never looked back. These awesome stainless steel bottles keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and they come in a ton of trendy colors. These water bottles aren’t as big as Nalgenes or CamelBaks, but at 9, 17, and 25 ounces they do hold a substantial amount of water.

Pick one up if: You love to stay hydrated but don’t want to tote a huge plastic water bottle around.


The Space Saver: Vapur

Vapur was one of the first reusable water bottles I purchased. It caught my attention because I liked the way I could roll it up when I was done drinking! The small roll was super easy to stash in my overcrowded backpack or purse, and added no weight whatsoever!

Pick one up if: You’re looking for something that doesn’t take up a ton of space when you’re finished drinking out of it. 


The Fun & Trendy: Starbucks Tumbler

I bought this Starbucks pineapple tumbler on a whim during finals week, and it makes me so happy every time I drink out of it! I love it’s summery feel and the fact that it holds over 20 ounces of water. Starbucks always has the cutest seasonal tumblers, so make sure to check out what your local Starbucks has in stock!

Pick one up if: You’re in the mood for something bright and in-season!