Best of Pinterest: Studying in College

Best of Pinterest Studying in College

Studying in college can be a bit challenging at first – parents and teachers generally don’t tell you how, when, and where you should study, and the format of college exams can be a bit different than you’re used to (read: less multiple choice and more short answer).

Since I want all of you Swirl readers to kick butt on your college exams, I’ve combed through Pinterest to find the best tips and tricks from some of my favorite bloggers. The bloggers featured are awesome, so make sure you go check out their study guides and other great content!

General Studying

Love Megan June: Megan composed an impressive list of simple actions you can take to rock those pesky exams! Something as simple as going to office hours can be a huge lifesaver.

Life as a Dare: Out of Rebecca’s 6 tips for success, I think “Do the freaking practice questions” speaks to me the most. Her entire post is a wonderful guide to keeping you sane when exam time rolls around!

As Life Grows: Samantha relays some super helpful tips for why you’re not making the grades you want. My favorite tip? Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class (Just don’t be “that” person, if you know what I mean!).

When Life Gives You Rubi: Rubi shares 10 awesome tips for those uber stressful last-minute cram sessions. Because we’ve all fallen asleep while trying to read the whole textbook the night before an exam!

Daily Tips

Jessica Slaughter: A little studying every day can make such a difference when exam time rolls around. I love Jessica’s suggestion to re-write the notes on topics that you feel like you’re struggling with!

The Young Hopeful: A guest post from Samantha (As Life Grows) outlines 5 daily habits that will boost your GPA, and even includes a free checklist! I love the idea of reciting your notes out loud, especially if you learn by hearing!

Finals Week Survival

Sara Laughed: Finals week is not something any college student looks forward to, but with a study plan like Sara’s, you can feel confident and organized during a hectic week. Color coding = any planner’s best friend!

Ginger and Co: The right music and food can make a world of difference during exam week. Read Laura’s “study guide” for finals week before you read your class study guides and you’ll be totally ready come exam time.

Kayla Blogs: No one likes “library lock-ins”, but sometimes you gotta hunker down and hit the books! Kayla’s how-to guide gives you the low-down on what to bring to the library, so you won’t show up with no headphones and a dead laptop (major party foul).


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