July Monthly Recap


WOW. I really do feel like I just wrote the June monthly recap and here I am, back again. Personally, 2016 has flownnnn by. I don’t know if it’s just that college life is super busy and spring semester flew by and then my internship ate up my entire summer or….? All I know is that we are moving at the speed of light into August, my personal favorite month of the year !(#finallygoingtobetwenty) So let me catch you up on the hectic month of July.

July Posts!

We had a lot of new voices on the swirl in July and we want to say thank you to each and every person who showed interest in filling gaps in our editorial calendar; y’all sent in some fantastic pieces! So, here’s a round up of all of our posts this month. If you want this to go straight to your email starting in August, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and/or subscribe to our blog by email in the side bar!

June Monthly Recap

Weekend in My Life #2: The Galleria & Brunch!

5 Things I Learned from Joining a Sorority

5 Things to Consider When Applying to Collegecollege

Admissions at Carolina always asks this basic question: Why Carolina? It’s a twitter campaign, an Instagram hashtag, and sometimes surfaces on Facebook. Every year I get the privilege to recount my journey to Carolina. Yes, I just smiled at my computer screen. Dork alert. It started in February last year when I went to the selection weekend for my science program at UNC where I got to meet with some high school seniors being considered for that year’s cohort.

College Hacks: Dorm Room Bedding Edition

9 Lifestyle Bloggers and Youtubers to Follow!

A Weekend In My Life #3: Food & More Food.

5 Things You Should Do In Your Twentiestwenties

For this week’s guest post, Keyonna from Stellar Inc. Lifestyle shares with us 5 things you should do in your twenties. As someone who is pretty new to the “twenty something” club, I’m so excited to implement some of Keyonna’s tips, especially the one about saving money (so I can avoid those “I hope I have enough money on my card for this” moments!). I’ve linked to Keyonna’s social media accounts at the bottom of this post, so make sure to share this post and giver her a follow!

A College Girl’s Guide: 10 Things To Do Before Move-In!

Advice for Out of State College Students

A College Girl’s Guide: Going Off to College-A Free Ebook!

Life Updates

Gabby: HI friends, I think a lot of my posts have been scheduled so way out in advance that I never get to organically write little messages to y’all! So hey, what’s up, hello. This month was really really really good, but also really really rough! I finished up my internship in Houston and I’m currently soaking up the sun on vacation in Florida– and maybe even vlogging it! I’ve learned so much during my internship and the relationships that I formed are ones that I know I will keep! But, now I’m ready for a little break for blogging, working brunch dates with Han, and preparing to decorate my apartment!

Hannah: **still living it up in London, will be back in August kk bye**

Blog Stats

It’s been a full month of google analytics and that’s so exciting here’s a breakdown of our monthly stats:

The Swirl Blog Stats

Page Views: 42,085

Sessions: 34,730

Unique Visitors: 31,131

Bounce Rate: 90.86%

Social Media Stats

Facebook: 176

Instagram: 620

Twitter: 751

Pinterest: 3,505


Yes, we are hopping on the bandwagon of bloggers who vlog. I think it’ll be a fun touch to get a better look into our lives and get to know us as people! Snapchat can be a good way of doing that, but I hate having to cut everything in 30 second intervals, so follow along with us on Youtube and be the first to find out about our recent uploads! YAY.

Overall, our stats were pretty steady. We had an increase in views, but our bounce rate is still pretty high! This is probably due to the increased popularity of our 15 Ways to Get Life Together and 100 Things to Know Before College; so we’ll look more into it over the next couple of months to get it to come down! Other than that, I think we’re on the way to really growing the blog and engaging a community on social media that we love!

#SwirlSocial Picks

So, ICYMI we started our very own hashtag for our fans and friends to tweet at us, share their instagram photos, and connect with other bloggers across the college and lifestyle webiverse(?) It’s been so much fun seeing all the pictures and it was SO HARD to pick our favorites, but here they are! Keep tagging them with #swirlsocial to be featured next month!

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  • Thank you for featuring my photo!! I can’t wait to watch your YouTube videos!

    Lauren // laurenpepperman.com

    • No problem! Love you feed 🙂 and yay, I was so excited to start vlogging!
      xo, Gabby

  • Y’all are the best! Thanks for sharing my IG photo! (and sorry I’m just getting around to commenting on this now!)