Current Favorites & Instagram Lately: Summer 2016!


Another season is coming to an end {I mean not really, but I’m already shopping around for fall clothes, so basically} which obviously means it’s time to recap some of my seasonal favorites! This summer was absolutely fantastic, I got to be an adult and experience my first time living in a big city~ and aside from some minor hiccups~ I loved it! (Post on the hiccups to come v. soon) Houston is now one of my favorite places, and I can’t wait to visit again and eat lots of TexMex and meet some more bloggers!

I also traveled to Orlando, Fl for a family vacation and vlogged for the very first time! I promise I’ll try and get better! But, I’ve had some products that I really just couldn’t live without these past few months. So, I needed to share them with you all. These will eventually probably be accompanied by a Youtube video, but since I’m not really ready to commit that much time to it, I’ll just stick to trying to be funny through writing. LOL.

What’s a better way to ring in my favorites of the month, then by giving you the Instagram pictures that feature them! I figured it’d be a cute and real way to incorporate my real life favorites into the sometimes hazy world of insta! So keep reading if you want to see what have been my favorites of the season!

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler Tote Bag

I really forgot how much I loved this bag for traveling all over! Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane this is the perfect bag to have with you! I used this as my carry on bag when I was flying home and it was perfect! I put a couple of outfits, my jewelry, and other items I knew I didn’t want to lose or have thrown around the airport baggage claim! It’s spacious and it’s soft form, so it can smoosh pretty well into the overhead compartments!

If you’re flying Delta, then it’ll work as a carry on for sure as long as it’s not too packed up! I love, love, love this bag, especially for overnight or weekend trips! My mom has it in her favorite Vera Bradley print, too! Basically, I’ve been using this bag for years and I’d like to acknowledge its greatness for the record.

airport essentials ✈️

Longchamp Large Navy Tote

This has been a treasured item for me ever since I got it for my birthday a year ago! I literally use this all the time. It’s sturdy and can fit my 13″ MacBook Pro like a dream {aka perfect for blogging trips @ Starbucks}! Longchamp created the college girl tote staple and I don’t know if they realize it! It’s big enough to fit all I could possibly need for errand running. I kind of want another color, yikes. It’s a little bit pricey, but I promise totally worth it if you’re looking for a high quality tote bag to last you a while!

Nike Training Club App

If you want to get toned and whipped into shape in as little as 15 minutes, you need to get this little app ASAP. It’s my favorite strength training program because it requires little to no equipment (occasionally a dumbell or jump rope), but for the most part it’s relatively easy to do the workouts in the comfort of your own home! I typically like to do a 30-45 minute cardio workout and then finish off with one of the 15 minutes workouts that they have. The best thing is this app is 100% free and the user interface is perfection! I love love love it! 10/10 would recommend!


Now, everyone should know by now about our new hashtag: #swirlsocial and all the ways to get involved from tweeting at us on Twitter or sharing blog posts on our group board! But, my favorite way is by sharing all your #feedgoals by tagging us using the hashtag on Instagram! We like and comment on as many as we can! And you might even be featured in our monthly recap! Even without our new hashtag, instagram is by far my favorite social of the moment. I love creating my feed and changing up the theme {I think I finally found the one I want to keep!}. It’s kind of an art form and I’m all for it!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Talk about a 5-minute face made easy! This is literally my go to face product for the summer. It has built in SPF 15 sun protection which is super super important to protect my skin from the sun’s ravages! It evens skin tone and gives light coverage which also encourages me to keep up my face routine to keep the blemishes down! I wish they had even more shades, but luckily the dark is the perfect shade for me! If anyone would be interested in my quick and easy, 5-minute makeup routine: let me know in the comments below!

iPad Air 

I got my iPad about two Christmases ago, and I used it a ton right when I first got it for classes and other things like surfing the internet and reading blogs, but then I kind of just stopped using it… #firstworldprobs. But, this summer I rediscovered how great the screen quality is! I can use it to watch Netflix and Youtube videos. I’m also pumped to use it for class instead of lugging around my large laptop everywhere! I definitely think that an iPad is a great investment for a college student because you can do so much with it! 10/10 would recommend it for anyone who wants something a little bit more portable than a Macbook. I also have a matching Vera Bradley cover for it and so I look really put together if I’m ever carrying everything together.

The Bachelorette

GUILTY PLEASURE, man. I am not even slightly embarrassed to say that I started watching the Bachelor last season and now I’m obsessed with the series. I HIGHLY doubt that anything that goes on is real, but no one said it wasn’t entertaining. Also, who knew boys could be so catty? Not a fan of the finalists for Jojo’s season, they’re kind of the same with equally horrid hair cuts; but I love how sassy and real Jojo is and was so happy when she became the new Bachelorette! P.S. Luke neeeeds to be the next Bachelor, like he is a character from a Nicholas Sparks movie, but from Texas. 10/10 would recommend if you’ve ever been a fan of other reality shows like ANTM or Project Runway and love cheesy romance novels/movies/TV shows!


I think I’ve done more brunch-ing (?) in the past three months than I have in my entire lifetime! I love that I can order a salad, sandwich, or chocolate chip pancakes at 11:00 am and not be judged. Whoever created this wonderful meal time, I love you.. alot! My go to brunch spots in Houston were Dish Society and Black Walnut Café and if either of them would like to build locations in Chapel Hill, NC; I’d love them, too. Here’s a pic of my brunch from Keke’s in Lake Mary, Fl.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is bae. That is all. No, but seriously, Spotify is my absolute favorite way to listen to music and keep caught up on new music while I’m at school. FOR THE RECORD, I love mainstream music. If it’s good, it’s good. I can use Spotify’s Top Hits to keep up to date on Justin’s collabs with Major Lazer and all the Rihanna and Drake I’ll ever need. The other specialty playlists are flawless for study parties in the library or chill Sunday evenings at home! I think it’s totally worth the $5 dollars a month with the student discount and totally recommend you check it out!

White Vans Slip Ons

These are my favorite shoes of the moment because they are so versatile. You can wear them with shorts, rompers, dresses, and skirts and continuously create hip and chic outfits! My style is changing drastically to what my mom would call “more adult, less teeny bopper” in that I love neutrals and classic cuts. Army green, creme, black, and  khaki have found their way into my go to staples along with polka dots, stripes, and chinos. I love the evolution, and I think my white vans slip ons fit right into the mix! Now, they just need a quick go in the wash and they’ll be back to pearly white.

Instagram Lately


  • That tote bag is so cute! I didn’t realize Vera Bradley made bags like that, I’ll have to look into it! Those Vans slip ons are so cute, I’m so tempted to add them to my collection of white canvas shoes, they go with EVERYTHING and are so comfy!
    paige // eyeliner wings & pretty things

  • Oh girl, you totally should ! I love love love it! You can also get a smaller size {Hannah has one}; it’ll be a bit cheaper but still have all the great features!
    xo, Gabby