5 NEW Products To Watch: Back to College!


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So as a college student, I’m always looking for products that are a. cheap and b. gonna save me time, effort, and/or money! If you can check off all three of those then you’ve created a million dollar product. So, when our good friends over at Babblebox offered to send us a “College Shevival” themed box of products, I was happy to jump all over it. I’m definitely into trying new products that will make my college life a little less stressful and the best part is I get to share all these products {and they are fabulous, might I add} with y’all!

Let’s dive right in to all the products I was sent and explore a little bit about the brands that are going to help me start the year off cool, calm, and collected! All of these products were sent to me for free so that I could try them out and I am being paid to write this; however, I want to promise all of you that I will NEVER fabricate and/or exaggerate any of my personal thoughts on any products featured on the swirl. And, every post is written 100% by Hannah or I or one of our lovely guest bloggers never companies! NOW, let me tell you about some great products.


Doesn’t it look beautiful?? I was very impressed with all the products that were featured and knew that they would help me in all of my different college scenarios.

1. Update your dorm crafts with my newest obsession: FUJIFILM’s INSTAX Mini 70.

The INSTAX Mini 70 is one of the most adorable cameras I have ever seen. I rarely ever get photos developed unless I’m making dorm crafts or some other DIY gift, but there is something about the novelty of an instant camera! This hand-held camera allows you to take great quality, cute-as-can-be photos in moments. I love it!!



I made this dorm craft last year as I was preparing to move into my sophomore year dorm, and now I’m moving into my first apartment and I’m always looking for ways to revamp old pieces. One idea is to take pictures from the INSTAX Mini camera and replace them with my square size insta photos! Super hipster and modern! I’ll probably do this once I’ve taken enough photos to switch them all out! Check out my DIY here!



I’ve had my eye on an INSTAX mini for a while now, but there are so many great models to choose from so I couldn’t figure out which features I needed! I would most definitely get this model because of the selfie mirror in the front! I’m horrible at judging selfie distance and centering so the little mirror is perfection. Peep the super cute selfie my mom and I took!

You can pick up the INSTAX Mini 70 in 6 super vibrant cute colors {my picks are Stardust Gold or this gorgeous Island Blue}! Retailing at $139.95, this instant camera is the cutest little splurge item to help you capture all your college adventures. You can bet I’ll be taking this little gem everywhere!


Oh, and don’t forget your refills! You can pick up a double pack of INSTAX Mini Instant film (20 pics) for $19.95! You can purchase all these goodies here.

2. I can never leave the house without a moisturizing lip product; cue Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Flip Balms.

Not gonna lie, I’m a EOS lip balm fan. I have approximately 7 all over my house, but that doesn’t mean I’m not down to try some new things. I’m a HUGE fan of Cocoa Butter in lotions and body products. It’s super moisturizing and easy going on my semi-sensitive skin! When I got the chance to try some of these flip balms, I was pumped to finally get my hands on them.

This product may be my new right hand man. They keep your lips so moisturized and serve as the perfect base for any of your other lip products~ crucial for a crisp red lip.


The coolest thing about these balms is the flip-to-open mechanism! The three flavors: Juicy Watermelon, Ripe Mango {personal favorite}, and Creamy Coconut are perfect summer flavors and the bright colors make it super easy to find in my huge {and kind of messy} tote bag of the moment. Overall, A+ for Palmer’s on these cute lip balms that retail for $3.50 at our favorite store, Target, and other retailers.


You can get them online here.

3. Keep it fresh with Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths.

We’ve all had those mornings we left without putting on deodorant and the high of the day is 103 or T.O.M. caught us right before the first midterm of the semester. Yikes. Simply Sensitive kills the personal care game once again with these INDIVIDUALLY packaged towelettes.


I may or may not be the only human excited to have individually packaged products, but I love love love when brands make things easy for me to add another something to my already over packed tote bag. These are the perfect towelettes to add to my beauty pouch that I carry with me everywhere. Here are the contents of it currently:


The Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing cloths are perfect for sensitive areas and for the daring come in two scented options: Splash and Sheer Floral! These are perfect for all those unexpected moments aka a lot of the time in college for some unknown reason.

You can find this tote bag essential here.

4. Don’t skip out on a healthy breakfast with the Green Pan Mini Ceramic Non-stick Square Egg Pan.

It’s 7:45 am and you’ve got class at 8:30. You also have to do your hair and makeup and find a clean pair of pants. Sometimes, a protein breakfast bar is all you have time for, but you really should have a cleaner breakfast than that every once and awhile. Cue Green Pan’s cutest egg pan ever.


I cannot wait to use this pan at school this year! The best thing is that it’s personal sized {less to clean} and such good quality! I love that the handle makes this pan easy to handle and harder to burn yourself– I still have a scar from a kitchen mishap freshman year.

AND, Green Pan rocks because they also sent a cook book with a ton of recipes to try. I can’t wait to make the chocolate pancakes- yum! You can get yours here {and other cute sizes} and GreenPan was kind enough to give a 20% off discount and free shipping with the promo code: SCHOOL20! It’s valid from 8/14/2016- 9/4/2016!


5. I write funny, but I finally found the gel pens that don’t smudge. I AM SO HAPPY.

Yeah, so you know that kid that turns their entire paper sideways to take notes and if someone makes them write like a normal person their words are completely slanted. LOL ME. The fact that my entire hand will rub over my writing made using gel pens hard, especially when they didn’t dry instantly.

pens savarsa

Hope is not lost though. These gel pens from Zebra are perfection, they are smooth and colorful and are going to be a perfect addition to my oversized pen collection. My favorites are the SARASA gel pens that feature Rapid Dry Ink Technology– and typically I’m like okay whatever, but Y’ALL, this is not a drill. You can find these perfect gel pens that write as smooth as a baby’s bum {I’m sorry, but I had to}.

Sometimes, life is easier once we’ve found the products, routines, and relationships that we are comfortable with. But, it’s also great to explore and check out NEW stuff. I’m so glad that I was introduced to some really great brands and products and share them with you.

Now, maybe go try some of this stuff for yourself and tell me all about how seriously great those gel pens are on all of our social media— links in the sidebar!