10 Ways to Get Inspired for Fall!


Confession: I went MIA this month. #midtermszn hit me too hard.

I wanted to switch things up for the month of October and make it more fall themed because I love this perfect season! I’ll be incorporating all the perfection of fall in my favorites of beauty, fashion, and more. All the variety we love to incorporate here on the ~swirl~.

The more I write of this intro, the more excited I get to write this entire post. You can think of this as a favorites post for fall! And I’m already lovin’ it. Keep reading for more of autumn.

Also, you can check out my Fall Break Vlog by using the link down below! Yay for youtube and unsteady grips ūüôā


1. Fall Makeup Tutorials

It’s no secret that I’ve been consistently obsessed with makeup and all things beauty since middle school. I made Youtube videos for awhile and owned my own mini Sephora pop up in my vanity at home. Although I no longer make videos, I still love keeping up with all the beauty trends. I love that I can use my darker eyeshadows and lip shades without looking too sultry and/or angsty.

I just recently discovered Christen Dominique and she is the cutest! I love how she shows her Fall Makeup using both high end and low end products in the same video! It makes it so much easier to find more affordable products that give a similar look.

2. Instagram

A bold lip is essential for fall and as someone who was literally¬†afraid of lipsticks in years past. I can proudly say that I am obsessed with trying new shades and finishes. The perfect bold lip is essential. I’m personally a fan of Untainted Spice from Maybelline.

3. Pinterest


Pinterest is your go-to site for inspiration all year long. I typed in fall to the search bar and got fashion and food ideas immediately! I love getting inspiration for Instagram photos here as well!¬†This is perfect for those chilly days where you don’t actually feel like playing in the colored leaves or posing with pumpkins!

4. Fall Clothes Shopping!

I’ve also done way more shopping than I originally had planned to for the fall season. I still had some classic pieces from last year, but I stumbled into Old Navy with Hannah over fall break and they were having a really good sale! So naturally, let’s go a little ~crazy~. Let me tell you I’ve worn almost everything I bought that weekend within the first two weeks. Good investments [I guess].

Here are some of my favorite stores and fall pieces of the season!

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-7-03-56-pm screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-6-55-58-pm screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-6-59-39-pm screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-7-01-19-pm

5. DIY Halloween Costumes!

If you’re in need of some good Halloween costumes, this video¬†is basically the best thing to happen to you [not even over exaggerating]! I was a Greek Goddess and a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year, and it was fabulous. But in case you need some last minute ideas for the big day, here are some fantastic ideas from the interwebs.

6. Fall Spotify Playlists!

I’ve also gotten very into Spotify this past year and I use up premium as much as I can. Like literally I listen to music all of my existence! I’ve found some v. fall playlists because Spotify knows me so well and suggested it to me! Here are some of my favorite playlists:

7. Anything and Everything Pumpkin!

I always feel v. fall when I bake something pumpkin or eat something pumpkin or see something pumpkin. So, I’m personally excited to try this recipe from cookingclassy.com for pumpkin french toast. RT if you cried.


If you’re also lazy like me and just want a quick easy pumpkin fix, you can try a PSL or Pumpkin Muffin from our favorite chain coffee shop. *Be sure to watch out for bonus star weeks and make sure to download the app to get some free drinks!*

8. Star Gazing!

A lot of science museums will host free star gazing events for students and local patrons! Or you could also check out your local environmental societies to see if they host anything like this! You can get your J.Crew vest and boots and a blanket and have a fun night under the stars and find them too!

9. Fall Candles!

This is something I’ve had to miss out on for the past two years because of the dorms, but I have recently bought at least 3 different scented candles as well as wall fragrances for my room and apartment. If you’re still paranoid about potentially burning down your living space, I would recommend candle warmers. You can find them in Michael’s and Walmart for under 5 bucks! I’m personally a fan of the Target Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffin candle! I like to burn it while I work/clean on Sundays!


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

10. S’mores Party

So, you can either venture out to a campsite and have a huge s’mores and scary story fest or you can do this in the comfort of your own home and make some s’mores themed baked goods and hang with some friends! I definitely just made this up to make it to 10 things, but I’m actually thinking that this would be a lot of fun! You could even do a s’mores bar and have a variety of different toppings aside from the traditional chocolate! Yum.

So, I know I’m feeling fall right about now. It’s also one of my favorite times of the year because of the holidays and celebrations that happen towards the end of the year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Here on the east coast, it’s honestly fall weather until January when winter really kicks into gear and the parkas come out. So, I am all for fall well into the beginning of December! I hope this was a fun post and leave some comments down below and let us know what your favorite fall activities are!