4 Ways to Help This Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving from the girls here at The Swirl! Thanksgiving is one of the most underrated holidays in my opinion. I mean let’s think about it: you get to eat an otherwise judgement-worthy amount of food without the judgement, Christmas music is now acceptable, and you can spend all your time with fam&friends rather than with your head in a textbook.

I have so much to be thankful for: health, friends, family, and opportunity. It’s important to reflect on this. Unfortunately, there are people in this nation who are hurting. They are being deprived of their basic human rights. Ironically, the very holiday that we are celebrating represents a supposed olive branch between the Native American population and the European settlers. And yet, here we are: allowing the destruction of the only land that they have left and disrespecting their faith in the process.

Brutality and bigotry aren’t the only things tainting this great holiday. In the American way, Black Friday sales have been creeping into the domains of Thanksgiving day. I’m all about getting some good deals on Black Friday and personally I think it’s a good bonding opportunity for my mom and I; however, I also spend Thanksgiving with my dad and brother and shopping probably isn’t their favorite thing.

SO in the spirit of giving and the appreciation of this wonderful holiday, the one thing that we can do is to give to causes that matter. To supply the light and energy for organizations who are trying to make a difference in a cold and sometimes pretty materialistic world. Send some support all over the world today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Three Ways to Support Global Efforts

Protests @ Standing Rock

You can sign the petition to President Obama to permanently stop the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline and donate directly to the tribe.

Hurricane Matthew- Haiti Direct Relief Fund

Your donations to the Direct Relief Fund will go directly to aid and relief supporting the rebuilding efforts in Haiti. All of the money will go directly to aide for the communities affected.

Ronald McDonald House- Funds for Families

This organization has a special place in my heart. The Ronald McDonald House provides lodging, food, and support to families with children suffering from life threatening illnesses or injuries. Donate to your local chapter or the Global fund to make an impact.

Karam Foundation- Chicago Based Charity Aids Refugees

The Karam Foundation is based in Chicago and aides in several initiatives including education for children and the ability to host refugee families. You can choose to donate to efforts for Syrians who stay and support children who have left.

Have a great holiday and say thank you!