The Perfect Gifts for the College Grad: A Minted Round Up

You know what is crazy?! My senior friends are graduating in a little over a month. That is WILD. I owe some of my upperclassmen friends everything in the world, specifically for taking me under their wing, teaching me some of life’s biggest lessons, and just being pretty rad people. It was stressful when I started thinking about what a graduate could possibly want that is more meaningful than a gift card.

We were approached by the brand Minted which has some of the prettiest stationery, art work, and personalized items that I have ever seen. I was ecstatic because they have some of the most fun and practical gifts for all of your graduating friends and was exactly what I was looking for! Keep reading to find out my picks for the graduating senior!

Business Cards

With post-grad life comes the real world, and every graduating senior needs to prepare to be professional. We’ve been looking for some high quality business cards for a while now and these Minted ones are absolutely adorable. I love the personal touches that you can make on every single business card including making the back side a nice picture of yourself [because why can’t those senior pictures come in handy after making your graduation announcements.]

I also like that you have so many customization options with basically all of their products. For most of the personalized products, you also receive a free digital proof to make sure that everything looks the way you like! This is very nice when you are working with custom fonts and colors. Did I mention they have a real foil collection? Y’all know how much I love gold foil. Here are some of my favorites from their collection.

Pink Wash Business Stationery Cards

Name To Remember Business Stationery Cards

Wall Art

 Best Version Art Print

I’ve been trying to perfect my gallery wall for weeks now, and I just couldn’t find anything that was really calling me to it! Minted has like 7 billion different prints and I want them ALL. My favorite print to give to a friend would be the map/blueprint gold foil prints! It’ll give them something memorable to take on their next adventure whether it be across town or across the world. I have looked at basically blank walls in my living room for months because I am not the best artist in the world and all of the art work that I love is SO expensive. It would be so nice to receive some stuff for my apartment to brighten it up and add some life to it!

You can also choose from several versions of frames or even purchase the prints unframed which is great if you have some old frames laying around and what to save a few dollars. I wouldn’t be afraid to ask the grad how they plan on decorating or if there are any specific types of art work or sayings they would want to have in their new place. Also, some people have those personal mantras that you could have customized. The possibilities are endless.

SoHo Art Print


Moroccan Diamonds Fabric

I am a pillow snob. HA, and you probably thought I was joking. I searched and searched for the perfect pillows for my room and that is why I am 100% behind buying cute quality pillows for your college grad to decorate their new non-dorm apartments. I also think it’s pretty simple to find designs that will match any color scheme. Here are some of my favorites from Minted that will literally fit every theme!

If you haven’t realized there is a real trend of things that I would recommend and can imagine I will want in a year (!!) . I will be really focused on building up the next part of my life which will be a little more glamorous than the dorms of the past 4 years, but we haven’t actually started making money yet, so some investment in this for us is great! Most people at this point in life have a very distinct style, or aesthetic, as the kids say these days. For example, I love gold accents, simple black/white or gray patterns with a tiny pop of color. You’ll have your bohemian lovers, preppy fans, and hipster kids. There’s options for all of the above and more.

Flamingo Frenzy Fabric

Personalized Stationery

I am a huge nerd and absolutely love writing small notes to myself, especially on pretty paper. Minted has so many options for customizable stationery, from notepads to calendars to super cute notebooks. It’s perfect for every professional graduate ready to take on the real world with style and a hint of gold foil. Also, if they need to catch up on thank you cards or want to write to any last minute interviewers, cute stationary can make great impressions and combat the “fresh out of college” stigma a little bit.

I think anything more personalized and hand written makes a great impression, and if you are going into an artistic field, the more the cards can speak to your individual style or personality the better it’ll work out for you!

Gilt Agate Foil-Pressed Personalized Stationery

Framed Photo Collages

Undergrad is an experience; that is probably the most simplified way to put it, but nonetheless it’s still true. It can be so nice to casually stroll past a collage of your old snapchats, the cute pictures you took on the quad [when you should have been studying], and the high quality snapshots from formals and spring break. I love how Minted gives you so many options to customize a simple concept into something truly special! You can choose from a handful of designs, add a word or phrase, and choose a frame! I am seriously in love with all of the Custom Photo Art!

Also, most students now a days study abroad and come back with some of the most beautiful pictures and funny stories. I think it would be such a cute idea to have a collage in the shape of the country where I visited to decorate my new apartment!

I am ordering some goodies and can’t wait to share them with all of you! If you are a senior and looking for some jaw-droppingly cute graduation announcements, go to Minted now!! Also, if you are a Chapel Hill friend and would like me to shoot some senior shots with you, email me!! I am an amateur so no promises, but I think I can make it work. You and Carolina are gorgeous after all.