My Current Favorites: Spring 2017!

Spring seems to hit the south for a period of two weeks before the scorching temps and long days of Summer settle in. I always grab on to 3-4 things every season that I absolutely couldn’t live life without. Today, I’m talking all about my favorite products, hobbies, and food that you’ve probably seen on instagram at least three times by now. If you’re interested in finding out about some of my favorite products, please keep reading!

Taking & Editing Pictures

In case you missed it, which you likely you did not, Hannah and I both got Nikon DSLRs for Christmas. It’s crazy that we’ve been pretending to be photographers for about 6 months now. I am about to use my Dad’s pass for a free Nikon photography online course so that I can improve my photography skills because honestly, I love being behind the lens and taking some really classy photos for friends and for the blog. It’s also been a blast having some high quality photos to embed into new blog posts, hopefully you have all enjoyed my high quality photos as much as I have loved taking them. I’m also looking into getting the nifty fifty lens because I need all the bokeh for some style photos that I want to take soon!


There were about 3 weeks of the semester where legitimately the only pair of shoes that I wore were my Birkenstocks. Every. single. day. They are my favorite walking shoe, and Carolina is huge and I walk everywhere [no seriously, I rarely ever take the bus when I’m on campus]. My feet have never hurt in these bad boys except for maybe when you are still breaking them in, but not even then really. It was heartbreaking when I lost my Mayari style Birks last summer and I needed to get a new pair ASAP. While I loved my Mayari ones and 10/10 recommend those if you aren’t a big fan of the OG thick strap Arizona style, I love the rose gold accents of my new ones! You can get them here.

sojoS Sunglasses

sojoS are my absolute favorite sunglasses of the moment as a broke college student because they are so affordable. Last summer, I purchased these adorable and trendy version of their sunglasses. All of their sunglasses are around $12-13 and are sturdy and I haven’t broken any of them which is honestly surprising because I am so rough with sunglasses. I posted so much about them last summer that I’m now a SojoS VIP; I am in love with my newest edgier pair of shades from the brand!

Kendra Scott Eliza Pendant

Have you ever latched on to a piece of jewelry that on any given day someone could point out that you were wearing it and had been wearing it everyday for at least a month? That’s my relationship with this adorably tiny and classic necklace from the queen of jewelry in the south. My Eliza Pendant is so much easier to work with than the Raine necklace that I have raved about in the past, and while I love both versions, the Eliza pendant is much more practical for day to day use and dresses up even the simplest of outfits. I love styling my higher neckline clothing pieces to really complement the simplicity and choker style of this necklace.

First Aid Beauty Fab Faves to Go

Y’all, I don’t think I have talked about how bad my skin will get when I eat unhealthy, stop drinking my water, and enjoy a nice stressful week in college, but it gets horrible. I was trying to find a simple and gentle cleanser and moisturizer for my face after years of using Clean and Clear, Clinique, and whatever other products I’d find on youtube videos.

The First Aid Beauty Trio that came in the cutest mini set was everything I needed when I became fed up with the state of my skin. It helped clear up blemishes and has helped tremendously with discoloration and dark patches that I had from my horrible days of pimple popping, seriously don’t do it people! I’ve felt a lot more comfortable the past month in leaving the house with no makeup and owning it, also it’ll be nice to not have a full face of foundation in the scorching 90 degree weather. You can pick these up at Sephora or Ulta.


NO SUPRISES HERE, am I right? I think this will likely be a continuous segment on what coffee drink Gabby is loving now. This season’s competition was very high with classics like my Vanilla Iced Coffee and Lattes are some of my all time favorites have to compete with the new Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato. But, plot twist, my favorite coffee this month wasn’t even from Starbucks. I’ve been loving the Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee with a swirl of Caramel and skim milk! It’s way better than Starbucks coffee to be honest, and the only thing that sucks is the distance from campus. They are building one closer to campus, and I may cry because I will most definitely be broke next school year. Help me!

Blush Nail Polish

Blush is the color of the season. Once a blush toned off the shoulder top hit the market, I knew it was going to be a color everyone would we be wearing. I love incorporating colors into a lot of fashion items as well as accessories, but my favorite version of this muted and super dainty color was as a nail color. I actually was gifted {from my mom} the Zoya Nail Polish in Rue and it is the perfect blush-pink-almost-nude color that literally goes with any outfit. This was the color I wore with my formal dress and it was a perfect non-distracting shade for my fingers and toes!

I am always a fan of trying out new products and exploring all the options out there but I’m also not afraid to rest on my laurels. These products are the best and I recommend them all 10 times over! What have you been loving recently, sound off in the comments so we can chat!


  • OMG yes Dunkin is way better than Starbucks! And sooo much cheaper! Do you use Lightroom to edit your pics? I’ve tried using it but it’s so confusing to me!

    • Just now seeing this smh! But, obviously you probably saw my Lightroom post by now; it works wonders on photos! And glad we can bond over the love of Dunkin hahaha
      xo, G

  • Makaela Premont

    I’ve been really like Starbucks donuts, the Glamglow Supermud face mask, and the Pink Sugar perfume, it smells just like cotton candy but more mature. I loved your favorites this month!

    I go to the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, nice to meet you!

    • Thanks for sharing gal! I’ll have to try out the Pink Sugar perfume, it’s always been on my list!
      xo, G