A College Girl’s Guide to Personal Style!

So, I am not a fashion blogger. But, I do have some favorite college gals that kill the style game here and here. I do however love fashion, so today I’m going to talk about how my style has changed over the years, how I pair my outfits, and I have a fun little outfit to show you to go with it! [LOL at my awkward posing]

Personal style can be derived from the common style of clothing you wear, your favorite color palette, what you wear the most, and lastly, what you are drawn to. I firmly believe that you can have an ideal style that doesn’t fit your life right now. I really want Madewell to fill my closet, but I don’t exactly have the budget for it just yet. Today, I’m giving you thoughts on how my style has changed, where it is now, and how to fine tune yours!

My Current Style

Right now I have a pretty strong aesthetic going: it’s all about the neutrals. I love mixing and matching blacks, whites, grays, and blues/denims. I think that this style looks a little bit more polished and makes getting dressed in the morning super easy. Ironically, the outfit today is a patterned romper with a little pop of lavender goodness to give it a little fun twist.

I like to spice up my outfits by introducing something some detail or color that really makes it stand out. My favorite ones are where I add a fun pattern, a sassy or basic quote, or a little pop of color. You can check out our instagram to see some of my past stylings @theswirlblog.

My Staple Pieces

I have some staple pieces that I love to mix and match to create some super basic but very cute outfits overtime. Here are 10 of my favorite pieces that I think everyone should invest in ASAP because I can pair these together to create some of my best outfits. I’ve linked some super cute examples that are currently out on the market, but the Levi’s Denim Jacket I actually have and love!!

Denim Jacket
Dark Wash Jeans
Plaid Button Down/ Flannel [Nordstrom Rack] Vest {J. Crew}
Neutral Romper/Jumpsuit
Striped Shirt
T-Shirt Dress
Fun Pants
V-Neck Shirts
Simple Cut Dress

Of course, you need the cutest pairs of shoes to go with all your outfits. My favorites:
White Slip On Vans
Ankle Strap Sandals

Completing Your Outfit

My favorite way to really put ~personal~ flair on any outfit after putting together your most basic pieces is with accessories. Whether you love big statement necklaces or large, dangly earrings or a huge arm party, these are the best ways to add detail and personality to your outfit.

I think I’ve bought two of the Kate Spade Bow Bangle; it is my literal favorite arm accessory. Some of my favorite brands are Kendra Scott, Alex and Ani, Francesca’s and Baublebar. I’m also a fan of the Forever 21 earring sets!

Everyone should have three staple purses: the large tote, the cross body, and the hand bag. I think I’ve raved on here about my Longchamp at least 12 times. I can’t tell you how much I love my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cross Body bag in the camel color, but you can also pick up some really cute ones from Forever 21 if you’re on a budget. This black one is the perfect size and looks a lot more expensive than it is!

Confidence is style.

One thing I always make sure to remind myself of is: confidence is key!! I love these pictures because I feel so comfortable in my jumpsuit. It’s not something that I would typically wear what so ever, but it’s made of comfortable materials and has a good cut for my body type: bring on the confidence.

When you look great, feel great, and conquer the world with confidence: you will notice and other people will notice and those vibes are always good. Basically, you want find items and styles that leave you feeling comfortable all the time, then you know you’ve found your personal style. It also helps when it just becomes a subconscious type of thing where you always are drawn to similar pieces. But, I’m not telling you to buy 12 of the same striped shirt with varying widths @mom.

I love shopping and clothes and finding a new outfit to try out! My style has changed drastically since my sophomore year of high school and I am here for the glo up. I think as college students with limited budgets the best way to build your personal style is by picking basics that fit with what you are drawn to overall.

I like plain colors with interesting cuts and classic patterns. A lot of the things that I will reach for now are striped, flowy, and flattering in cut or style. I have slowly retreated from the bright colors camp that I loved in high school! A white v-neck, light wash distressed jeans, and my white Vans slip-ons will always be my favorite no stress outfit for when I’m really behind or just want to be super comfy.

How would you define your personal style and how has it changed? What’s your favorite outfit to wear when you aren’t bumming it in Nike shorts and comfort colors t-shirts? Can you tell that I go to school in the south yet? Yeah, thought so. Leave your answers in the comments down below because I’m curious about how y’all classify your own personal styles!