Friday Chit Chat #2

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Friday Chit Chat #2 coming your way! I am really happy that I started writing these and didn’t even realize that my subconscious stole the idea from Kayla’s series. ILY girl. So, today’s chit chat is gonna be filled with a ton of stories and updates because this week was crazy. I am so pumped for the rest of the summer let me tell you! Let’s get into the good stuff, ya ready?


So, since I last gave you an update in the first ever Friday Chit Chat, a lot has happened. For one, I had a seamless flight over to the wonderful sunny state of California. I’ll be spending 8 weeks doing research! I am SO excited about my lab here; everyone is so friendly and I’m really confident that I’m going to learn a ton this summer.

Southwest is my new favorite airline, and that’s probably super premature and I haven’t had enough flights with them to definitively say that they are perfect, but I had no delays and boarding was seamless. You could say I was a pretty happy traveler!


If you know me at all {virtually or personally}; you know that I am a foodie at heart. So, it also shouldn’t surprise you that my first weekend in San Diego was inundated with stunning beach views and impeccable food options. The first place we visited was Burger Lounge in Downtown La Jolla. Best burger ever, or I was just really hungry?! Either way, it was a hip little place to experience first in San Diego and the fries came in a little brown bag, too cute.

I’ll be doing a whole San Diego Travel Guide, so hang out for a little bit for a ton of great pictures of all my adventures. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and emails {head over to the sidebar} and you won’t miss any updates!

My other noteworthy restaurants that I tried this past weekend were: Coronado Brewing Co. on Coronado Island, Puesto and The Cottage in Downtown La Jolla! Try them out. They were absolutely delicious. I cannot wait for more weekends of new food and adventures. Stay connected on Instagram; I update my stories all the time!


So, between orientation on this past Monday and my GRE course [which is pretty great, honestly}; I haven’t actually spent much time in lab. But, my mentor is the best and everyone in the lab is super inviting, so I’m content on that side of things.

I am so proud of myself y’all. {Oh and apparently not a lot of people say y’all here, lol.} Anyway… our program did a Challenge Ropes course on Tuesday, and if you didn’t know: I am deathly afraid of heights. Like, my stomach drops and tears flow, so you could say I am not a fan. But, throughout college, I have done countless programs and workshops that teach you all about challenging yourself to grow as a person physically and mentally.

So, I did this ropes course, which is high as heck up in the air. I did the whole thing without hysterics and was honestly encouraging others once I got comfortable with it. And yes, I did fall once, a tragedy. I can’t stress enough how important it is to challenge yourself. Don’t limit yourself. And encourage others to do the same.

I also got a membership to the gym. #fit


Another pro tip: recognize and appreciate your privileges. I drive my car all the time. In Virginia and Chapel Hill, I enjoy it and it’s honestly necessary for all the places I need to be. So, another summer without a car is a blow to my heart. But, I think it builds character and gives me a chance to laugh at Uber Drivers embarrassing stories and learning to navigate public transportation.

I’m trying really hard to learn the San Diego bus system because I do want to venture downtown and other areas on the weekends. Luckily, I have some travel buddies in my program that will be my adventure pals and I am pumped!


When I’m not navigating a new living situation or my new lab, I’ve been going full force on GRE prep. I was super nervous and stressed about the exam that will likely determine what I do for the next 5-10 years. Understandable, right? My program here in San Diego paid for me to take one of those fancy GRE prep courses and man, I AM GLAD. I have no worries about taking this pesky little unintelligent assessment and can’t wait to get it over with in August.

Just have to practice, practice, practice some more questions and then I’ll be ready. No doubts. #blessup


I have a ton of content planned and a lot of things written and photographed. I am super pumped because I am using my blogging planner and scheduling when I need to do maintenance on the blog and working with Hannah even on the 3 hour time difference. Let us know if you have any requests with the summer months flying by and a new semester on the horizon. We love writing college posts and would love to write things that you want to see!



keep on keeping’ on,