Friday Chit Chat Vol. 4 | San Diego & The #NSale As A College Student

Hello again! It’s Friday; congratulations, we all made it another week! I’ve completed 3 weeks on the west coast and I’m loving it. The people here are great, the work I’m doing is great[challenging, but great}, and the views are pretty great, too! So, I think today’s post is just going to be a recap! I’ll tell you some stories, divulge{GRE word??} some thoughts, share some links, and give some shoutouts to some really great resources and people! So, let’s get started!


This time last week, I was super pumped because I was going to see Leslie Odom, Jr. perform with the San Diego Symphony! It was so picturesque and I was kicking myself the whole time for not bringing my DSLR. Imagine how classy of a night it was with yachts passing in the harbor and smooth jazz and the vocals of everyone’s favorite Aaron Burr blessing my ears. Yeah, I was living my best life.

The San Diego Symphony was one of the classiest things that I think I've ever done! I loved listening to Leslie Odom, Jr.!

The weekend was filled with practical tasks as well. Between studying for the GRE and buying groceries, I went to the mall and tried Lemonade for the first time and it was delicious. I took the safe option and went with the Strawberry Rhubarb lemonade and it did not disappoint. Basically, Saturday night was just a great time because I also finally found some square framed sunglasses and a “Brunch Please” muscle tee at Forever 21. If this wasn’t the makings of a “my kind of outfit”, oh my.

Sunday, was a good day too. I got to explore Balboa Park! Museums and people watching are two of my favorite things and are abundant at San Diego’s prettiest park! The wannabe photographer in me was so excited to go into the Photography museum and the art museum had a super cool exhibit connecting art pieces from the museum and the influence that they have on couture fashion. Make sure you are following along on Instagram stories here{the blog} and here{my personal account}!

Lemonade is one of my favorite west coast chain restaurants yum yum!


The only things I really do during the week are work, study, and drink way too much coffee. Oh, and I’ve been working on some pretty great blog posts! Y’all are going to flip for what’s coming in August. I mean also maybe not, but I’m pretty excited for what I have planned content-wise! If you have any college-related/themed post ideas, send them this way and I can try and fit it in!

Oh, and I’ve been trying to sneak in plenty of Netflix binge watching. The gym hasn’t been my best friend, but I’m ready to kick it into high gear! I always feel a lot better when I’m somewhat in shape! I’ve been living for Abigail’s instagram posts; so motivating!!


A big theme of this week is: shopping. With the #NSale blowing up the interwebs and other retailers trying to also fight to stay relevant with huge sales, I have been doing pretty well in my attempts to keep from buying anything ridiculous. I have been guilty of putting simple tees in my shopping cart for 10x what I would normally spend on a t-shirt regularly. Don’t worry I didn’t actually buy it!

Loving this yellow romper from BooHoo!

I am a fan of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and these are some items that I think college students should look into investing in because quality over quantity sometimes especially with items that could potentially last you four whole years! ALSO, I finally got my boohoo purchases and the yellow romper I picked out is my favorite and I can’t wait to style it for my LA trip! OH yeah, I’ll be in LA in a week. HOLY MOLY. Have any recommendations?! Drop ‘em down in the comments!


Cuz, I’m always here to save some cents. And, some of these things are an investment. I refuse to use the word splurge because I think that has a negative connotation as being an unnecessary purchase. Think about it this way: you won’t need to repurchase 50,000 cheap leggings because the $50 dollar pair will last you at least a year. You don’t need to rebuy rain boots because the heel fell off. We don’t have a lot of money, but we also don’t have a lot of money to waste. I have been in much better shape when I just invest in a higher quality item rather than purchasing the cheap item! Happy Shopping!

What Have I Been Reading & Loving?

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Let’s chat! Leave you answers in the comments!!

1. What is your current dream vacation?

2. Your favorite place to shop online?

3. Do you have any guilty pleasure TV shows you just can’t get enough of?

keep on keepin’ on,

  • I love your Friday chit chats, Gabby! I think they might be some of my favorite posts (yes, I’m nosy and love to hear what’s going on in everyone’s personal lives!). To answer your questions:
    1. Paris!
    2. I’m not much of an online shopper (shame on me, I know)… so I don’t know.
    3. Right now, it’s Suits! I’m almost done with season 6 and I’m loving it!

    • I’m glad that you like them, Amelie!! It’s good to know that I’m not writing out into empty space haha! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris as well; the pictures look stunning so I don’t even want to think about how beautiful it is in person until I can go! Suits is so so so good! good choice. Also, you are saving yourself by not online shopping tbh! Have a great weekend!
      xo, G

  • Andacia Kay

    It’s sounds like you’re having an amazing time in San Diego! I’m going to try to spend next Summer in Michigan *crosses fingers* Anyway:
    1) Maldives has been on the top of my list for a long time
    2) It’s a tie between H&M and Target
    3) Queen of the South!!

    • Yes! I love that it’s not too warm here, and minimal humidity is so nice too! The Maldives, that’s so interesting! Any particular reason why? H&M is the and I’ll have to look into Queen of the South haha Have a great weekend gf!
      xo, G

  • Jocelyn K

    Ah, I’m so jealous that you got to see Aaron Burr! My current dream vacation would definitely have to be anywhere in England! I love online shopping on American Eagle and Loft. I don’t really have any classic “guilty pleasure” shows, but I’m obsessed with the Office! Thanks for this, Gabby!
    Jocelyn //

  • That sandwich looks amazing, but maybe I’m just too hungry right now lol. My dream vacation is ANYTHING tropical. Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic: I just need clear-ish water and sandy beaches right now. My favorite place to shop online is Boohoo! I also love Fashion Nova and a site called rebdolls. Right now I’m flying through Friends on Netflix and Being Mary Jane.