Friday Chit Chat | Vol. 5

I always have every intention of getting these posts up in the morning. But, I am not that put together sometimes; and after a busy work week, I am so exhausted! But enough of my excuses, you didn’t come here for that; let’s chat! It’s Friday, July 21, 2017 and all I want to know is: where did the time go?

Can you believe that I’ve been here for an entire month already. AN ENTIRE MONTH IS DONE. Work is picking up, back to college blogging is picking up, GRE prepping is picking up, and sometimes all I want is for time to just slow down! I also can’t wait for senior year, my birthday, and some other super fun opportunities that are coming my way in the near future. I don’t really have a topic to discuss and I didn’t really doing anything fun last weekend, but I do have some things I stumbled upon that I do think are worth mentioning! So, let’s get to it!

The Bachelorette

Mkay, so I have very mixed feelings about this season of The Bachelorette. First off, I think Chris Harrison and the ABC team have absolutely butchered their “most diverse season ever”. That’s a whole post in itself, so I might write it but I want to see the whole season before I hash out any criticisms. I’d love to chat about it though, so drop me a DM and we can discuss how Rachel, although a queen, has also aided in this horrible horrible horrible mishandling of this season. ALSO, DEAN. I’m writing this up as I’m about to hop on a train to go to LA and I just want to find him and give him a big hug. *read in a completely non creepy way*

He’s going to be on Paradise and I may actually watch this season because not only can I finally have Bachelorette & Wine Nights now, but I’m shipping him and Raven so hard!! Yes, this show is quite outrageous and deeply problematic, but I get so invested. I’m sorry; I can’t help it!

Game of Thrones

So, another TV show that has me stumped and on a mission. I have another free month of Hulu and HBO Now and I am going to try really hard to finish all 6 seasons by the time my free trial is up. YIKES. It’s extra hard because I have the beautiful California weather to enjoy literally every single day. Who wants to sit in their room and binge watch a TV show? Me, sometimes. I’m going to try to finish this show mentally in tact by the end of August. Wish me luck!

Back to College Content

I’m also in the heat of writing back to college/school content. I’ve seen a lot of people spewing negativity towards Back to School content going live in July, and it makes me very sad. I generally love this content and also some people go to year round school, start at the beginning of August, and aren’t living your life. I personally think it’s a great time to start posting it! SO LIKE, CHILL and let me read my back to college content in peace.

If you have any requests for posts or general topics we should hit on, feel free to send us a message or leave it in the comments! I have rather big plans for how this content will be rolled out in August and while I have a ton of ideas, I’d ultimately want to make sure I’m hitting points that everyone wants to read! So, give me all the ideas and requests!

Eating Healthier!

So, being in a new place is really hard for me when it comes to food. I am literally in Hispanic food heaven and brunch here is on a new level. Eating out a lot hurts my wallet, but can also do some damage on the ol’ waistline. I have been cooking up some meals on the regular during the week which definitely helps and I can really control my portions and calories even though I don’t really put a ton of effort into calorie counting. My favorite combo right now for breakfast is a Mozzarella Spinach Omelet with yogurt and fresh fruit! I’ve also been loving broccoli chicken pasta in olive oil or alfredo. Super yummy and pretty affordable. I know I’ve saved a ton of money from not eating out every day!

Things I’ve Been Watchin’, Readin’ & Lovin’

I absolutely adore Angie Garcia’s photography website and have been reading all about her photoshoot tips and things. Also, her images are straight up #goals. 

I’ve been loving Danielle Carolan’s daily vlogs. Her LA timing was perfect because now I have even more ideas for places to head to this weekend.

Abigail has been one of my favorite bloggers for at least a year now [wild], but I think she has finally found her writing happy place in health and fitness. I came across this post today and I loved it!

I legit bought a VSCO set of filters last night at 1:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep. I got the Bright Collection.

We’ve been thriving on twitter and I love the #twitterfam! Check us out.

I’m very into photography and posted some images on the site. You can go to the photography tab or click here. Here are three of my favorites to get you intrigued, hopefully, maybe, IDK.

Okay, so that’s all I have for today’s post! I didn’t take a whole bunch of pictures last weekend and I didn’t do much except for relax and take in the sights with some friends here, so sorry for the lack of pictures! I do love catching y’all up with life things though! Also, very sorry if this has horrendous typos. I literally am not proofreading this before publishing because I want to get this up and out into the interwebs!


  1. What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?
  2. What is your favorite type of back to college blog post to read? or blog post in general?
  3. What is the last thing that you purchased?

keep on keepin’ on,