How I Maintain My Clear Skin for a Makeup Free Summer!

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ACNE SUCKS. When I was applying to work on this sponsored post, that’s how I pitched it. Every twenty something and teen woman has battled the ugly, confidence breaking little boogers called pimples. I wear makeup because it’s #fun; but, I’m not going to lie and say that it also isn’t nice that it covers all those little imperfections we don’t show to the world. As someone who also has SUPER sensitive skin, it’s hard finding acne treatments that are easy on my skin but are still hard on the acne. That’s why I wanted to try AcneFree’s Sensitive Skin 3 Step Treatment. Today, I’m talking about how I use it, how I’m liking it so far, and how I don’t ever stress about going make up free!

Maintaining Clear Skin

I think we all know that very great feeling after a fresh mani/pedi. We tap our fingers a little too heavily on our phone screens and just feel really good all day long. That’s how I feel with clear skin. There were times in high school where my acne was BAD and it really changed my whole demeanor for a little bit. Little parts of your motivation to do other things slowly peel away when you lose your confidence. I am 100% more productive and living a life that I love when I am confident. This was hard because I break out so easily. My friends would find a product that wouldn’t cause them to break out, but it would tear my skin up!

Ultimately, I had to see a dermatologist because my skin was making me so unhappy. I was put on a prescription cleanser and pads that severely helped my skin clear up. But to be honest, that’s only half the journey. You have to maintain that healthy skin and that’s where I was really struggling to find products that I loved and wouldn’t break the bank. Also, I had to remember that eating healthy and drinking tons and tons of water also do wonders on your skin so I also really wanted to focus in on that as well.

I came across the opportunity to collaborate with AcneFree and immediately went digging for a Sensitive Skin option.More information about Acne Free can be found here. I love steps and routine; you can see my whole summer night routine here. The really nice thing about the AcneFree line is that they have some great single product options, but I love the idea of an affordable kit.

How I Use My AcneFree Products


I do love my other products and find anything used in excess to be hard on my skin especially acne treatments, so I do recommend only using this every other night. I’ve found that this is just the right amount of cleansing and treatment that my sensitive skin needs. The cleanser is pretty standard and I start with this product. It doesn’t smell medicated, so that was a pleasant surprise. The cleanser also contains 1.5% salicylic acid which is what’s going to really kick your acne in the butt.


The toner, though, is my absolute favorite part of the whole kit. I would buy this product separately. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth [apparently that’s the handy work of natural fruit extracts] and it’s not oily or drying. My skin gets DRY, so if this product doesn’t dry out my skin then it’s a keeper. I’ve always been skeptical of toners because in reality what do they actually do. I mean yeah, my mom uses her fancy toner and I guess her skin is pretty nice, but I’m not one to get played so I typically skip it. I cannot tell you how important toning products are especially in the summer. Brighter skin? Check. Even skin? Check. Perfect base for BB cream instead of full coverage foundation? Check. 

It’s a clear liquid that I realize you can’t see in the picture, but I use my hands to rub it in because I’m lazy and didn’t buy cotton pads. Either way, it works like a dream.

Acne Spot Treatment

Lastly, the kit comes with a Acne Spot Treatment. I apply this to any persistent little pimples that pop up here and there. I also use this every other night along with the other two products. You just need the smallest nickel-sized amount to apply to those serious problem areas!

The last product that I picked up from AcneFree is the Complexion Perfecting Cream for the days that I’m not using the toner. Once again, this product is not oily and acts as a really great base for my makeup if I want to apply it. I work this into my night routine so that the retinol can work while I’m getting my beauty rest.

You can shop theses ah-mazing products straight from the image above!! Go go go for clear skin!

I love love love Amazon Prime and Prime Student is a blessing from the procrastination gods with that 2-Day Free Shipping! You can get a free trial by using my link here. Don’t worry though: you can pick up the AcneFree skin care line at Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon.

{Mostly} Makeup Free Summer

It can be SO HOT in the summer time and as much as I love my foundation, sometimes I can perspire a little too much for my liking. Going makeup free in the summer is the best and when I have clear and radiant skin; I do it in a heart beat. I can do some beautiful eye makeup and pop on a bright lipstick and rock it! Summer is filled with beach trips and day adventures that are so much  better when you aren’t focused on touching up your make up every 5 seconds. Also, who wants to take all that off after a long day of exploring and traveling.

NO ONE. I high key recommend finding a couple of products that can help you get to that clear skin and confident feeling that I wake up with almost every day! It’s made my weekends in San Diego awesome having the confidence to explore the city without having to pound on a ton of makeup even though it’s a lot cooler here than I’m used to in mid July. It’s still really nice to have the option to skip the heavy face makeup!

Overall, I think that finding products that aren’t super harsh, but can still clear up acne was what I had been searching for and I think I’ve finally found products I can rock with. I’ve used skincare that costs $30 for the cleanser separately, so the fact that this entire set cost $30 blew my mind. I like buying clothes and camera lenses so if I can save dollars and cents on other beauty products and practical things, I am a happy camper!

What are your favorite face products? Are you a sensitive skin gal like me; what have your struggles been trying to find cleansers and face products that work for you? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

keep on keepin’ on,