Friday Chit Chat Vol 7 | LA Trip Recap Pt 2

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So, I’ve been doing a really horrible job about having these written in advance and with my internship picking up, it’s only getting harder. It’s all good though because I want to have time to reflect on my weeks here and recap all the fun that I’m having when I’m not working. So, I have my last update from my LA trip two weekends ago and I’m excited to talk about what I did there and what I’ve been doing in San Diego since then! Now, let’s get into it!

Melrose Mural Crawl

So, if you haven’t been here long, you wouldn’t know that I love wall art and street murals! Our AirBNB hosts were super cool and gave us a booklet of walkable (and more importantly, Instagram-able) spots close to where we were staying! We were so pumped and knew it was something we needed to do before we left! I’ll be doing a whole post about the mural crawl, so that you can also find the super fun walls in West Hollywood too! Here are some of my favorite ones:


Breakfast at Toast Bakery

I’ve been a huge Youtube fan since high school, and I had a channel before starting this blog that has since been deleted. I regret that decision heavily! But, a ton of my favorite vloggers and bloggers always stop at Toast whenever they visit LA, so naturally I needed to stop at Toast when I was in LA. Oddly, sounding like the Regina George line in Mean Girls. Two stars if you got that reference. HOLY MOLY. Usually, my favorite part about french toast are the sweet berries and powdered sugar, but this time around, the toast was my favorite part!! Seriously recommending this place if you’re in the area for breakfast or lunch!

Lunch with Saba at Joan’s On Third

We came back from breakfast kind of early and were waiting for my new blogging friend, Saba to meet us in LA. I was going to make another run to Alfred, but knew I was going to get coffee later and passed. I started moving some photos around and playing in Lightroom [more on this later]. Joan’s on Third is also super GOOD. I don’t remember the exact name of what I got, but the aesthetic was phenomenal, the food was great, and the blended mocha was even better!

It’s always nice when traveling because you get to meet some new people and get to know your old friends even better. Also, shout out to the old British guy that asked me what my monogram necklace was. I think I identified myself as a non-Californian on the spot with my necklace; but it’s my staple! You can shop it here, 10/10 recommend!


I love museums and I always try and make it to one on every trip. We stopped at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which has several buildings with different types of art in each exhibit. Contemporary Art is always pretty great or pretty confusing, and there was a good mix of both in the exhibits while I was there. It was also nice to have gotten a student discount on admission because the museums in San Diego are crazy expensive and you can only get discounts every random first Tuesday of the birth month of your first born. Yeah, it’s just a really complicated system.

Driving Around LA

We had pretty much hit everything on our first trip to LA list and so I was pretty satisfied in just driving around LA and getting a car’s perspective in the city with horrible traffic. I was only a little sad when we didn’t have time to stop at the California Dreamin’ mural on the way to LAX to drop Sam off! It’s okay because it technically wouldn’t have fit our instagram theme. LOL, I’m honestly being really serious, too.

Train Ride Back!

I’m a fan of the train! It was easy and made travel from San Diego to LA and back so easy. I didn’t have to waste gas in traffic and it’s relatively affordable! I also love the views that you get and I’m a little salty with myself because I was so into my work that I totally missed the sunset on the water AGAIN. It’s okay; eventually, I’ll be back.  On the train, I got a ton of blogging work done! I finished up the posts for the first week of #12DaysofBTC. How are you enjoying these posts, anyway?! I still have to edit and piece together my LA vlog; so I can’t even lie and say that’ll be up soon because it won’t be.

But, I have edited a ton of LA pictures and posted them to Instagram. You can check them out here! I also decided to take my photography more seriously. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen every basic human under the sun start an *Insert Flowery Name* Photography Facebook page here. But, let me tell you; taking pictures and being in control of a shoot is so much fun. ALSO When people change their Facebook photos >>>. I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about photography and absorbing it all like a sponge! I have a few people I really want to work with when I get back to NC; so, I’m nervous/excited/stressed about reaching out to them! Fingers crossed they don’t think I’m a psycho!

Other Random Things

I have exactly two weeks left in California, and I’m not okay! Another week of content is coming your way for #12DaysofBTC and I’m thinking of releasing some Lightroom presets that are the {hair flip} to our newsletter subscribers, but do people even really care about that? I don’t know, we’ll see; I personally love experimenting with editing and I think I’ve finally found my style #vibesaregood!

Collaborations are growing and ready for back to school/college. Really trying to remember today and everyday that you don’t have to do it all! It’s okay to say no and it’s okay to take breaks! But, I’m feeling inspired from all sides of life and trying to capitalize on it! How do you balance your life when you want to do everything at once?! Sound off in the comments – I’m curious!

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