My Favorite Budget College Apartment Decor Stores!

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One of my favorite things about having an apartment is decorating and really building your own style in your space. Last year, I lived with three other girls, but I’m moving down to a smaller apartment and will have creative license to really make the space sorta kinda my own! As a college student, I can sometimes feel limited by space, time, and money!

But, guess what?! Totally not true! I got some great pieces for a lot cheaper by shopping from some discount websites and some of my favorite stores that sell super cute and trendy items for so much cheaper! For links and some of my favorite picks for the upcoming season, keep reading!


Target is my go to spot for basically everything that needs to be functional but also be super cute. I love buying plates and utensils, mugs, doormats, and lighting pieces. Oh, and my insanely cute Brunch pillow is from Target so clearly it is a must-shop store!


This is going to be the perfect place to purchase all of your bedding and sheets. I love Overstock because they have some of the best designer bedding for super cheap and the shipping is really fast! I got my navy bedding from here last year and it was perfection! You can shop this adorable duvet cover set here.

Society 6

Society 21 is a super cool website that allows designer and artists to sell their pieces on tapestries, pillows, and other decor pieces that can easily be placed in your room! I’m planning on buying a tapestry for my living room from here because they have a ton of cool landscape art options. The problem is I thought that I was a NYC-East Coast gal, but I’m much more in tune with the California vibes after all.


This is the perfect place for furniture. While I have never officially bought anything from IKEA for my own use (#transparency), I know that I’ll be hitting up the store very soon. I personally love the minimalistic style of their furniture and love the all-white look, so here are some of my favorite pieces from their website all at pretty great price points.

Clear Organizer Bins | Bar or Bathroom Cart | Simplistic Shelving | Nesting Coffee Tables

TJ Maxx and Home Goods

My two favorite stores for decor shopping require a little bit more digging and less consistency on what they’ll have at any given moment. BUT, they have the best stuff if you get lucky. I’ve bought my hamper, throw blankets, decorative trinkets, cute bowls and tableware, dish towels, coasters, and so much more! If you don’t have a Home Goods and have a Tuesday Morning, I would try there as well! It’s basically the same idea and I even almost bought the cutest Diane Von Furstenburg luggage for half the price from there!

So now that I shared my favorite places to shop, let’s hear yours? Where do y’all get all your favorite decorative pieces?? Sound off in the comments!

keep on keepin’ on,

  • One of my favorites, specifically for decor – Hobby Lobby! I’m not sure if every city has a Hobby Lobby but their prints, canvases, wall hangings, etc. are THE BEST. And they have a great frame selection that is always 50 percent off, too 🙂

    xoxo, Paige

    • OH MY GOODNESS, How did I forget about Hobby Lobby!!! Yes, totally agree. They have some of the cutest stuff for sure! Thanks for reading girl!
      xo, G