A College Girl’s Guide: College Move-In

It’s the first week in August, which means that college move-in is right around the corner! Regardless of whether you’re doing the college move-in thing for the first time or your last(!), your living room/bedroom/house is probably filled with piles of bags from Target. With every purchase made, there’s a slight tinge of dread and anticipation – “how is this going to fit in the car?”, and (more importantly) “how is this going to fit in my room??”

Move-in can be a stressful time for all parties involved, but with my tips & tricks you'll be able to relax and have an enjoyable, exciting move-in!
As someone who’s moved into a cramped dorm room 3 times before, you can trust me when I assure you that somehow, everything always fits. During move-out in May, I always liken our room to a clown car. It’s seriously amazing how much you can pack in a tiny dorm room that you share with one, two, even three other people.

Move-in can be a stressful time for all parties involved, but with my tips & tricks, you’ll be able to keep your cool (both your temper and your body temperature) and have an enjoyable, exciting move-in!

Pack Efficiently

Part of the stress of move in is simply moving all of your stuff from point A (the minivan) to point B (the hallway in front of your dorm room). Make this part of the move easy by doing a little bit of prep work at home!

I recommend consolidating as much as possible. Try packing as much as you can in any plastic bins/totes, and use large trash bags for bedding and towels.

One of my favorite packing #hacks is to hang all of your clothes up, then open up a large trash bag and cut a hole in the bottom of the bag. Slip the hanger hooks through this hole, and tie the trash bag handles at the bottom. Voila! All of your hanging clothes are wrapped neatly in a bag for you to lay flat in the car and simply hang up when you get to school.

The fewer trips you have to make to the car, the happier you + everyone who’s helping you will be!

Also, it can be hard to find your things in the jumble of move-in. Clearly label everything with your name and room number so if it gets misplaced, people know who it belongs to! Also, it can help to label boxes with what’s inside of them, so you don’t have to rumble through every box just to find a power strip or Command hooks.

Wear Light Clothing

Even if you don’t go to a school where it gets hot in the summer, simply moving everything in (combined with the hundreds of people moving throughout your dorm) means it can get pretty toasty. I always wear Nike shorts, a tank top, and tennis shoes for ultimate comfort and breathability.

Don’t worry about being sweaty and the meeting new people – everyone is just as gross as you are, and trust me, they won’t think anything of it. I’m still friends with the girls who I met during move-in, and I was a HOT MESS.

Know That It WILL Be Overwhelming

Move-in is naturally a pretty stressful time. You’re in a new place filled with an unfamiliar landscape. There’s probably going to be 1000 people introducing themselves to you, from RAs to other people in your class. As I mentioned above, you’re probably going to be sweaty and tired from moving-in.

The easiest way to stay sane? Break it down. Unpack only the essentials first – namely, your sheets and pillows. You’ll at least have a place to sleep, even if the rest of your room is still in boxes.

Also, take breaks! Get a refreshing drink at Starbucks, walk around campus, or grab a bite to eat. You have a ton of time to unpack. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, set some of it aside and do it the next day.

Stay Hydrated

It can be easy to forget to drink water while you’re moving in, but your body will feel it later. Try to keep a water bottle in the room to sip on so you can stay hydrated and energized! Also, finding the nearest water fountain is a great way to explore your new surroundings.

Alright y’all, so those are my tips for having a great college move-in! Trust me, you won’t even think about the stresses of move-in once you’re all settled! Any tips I missed? Are you moving in for the first time this year, or are you a seasoned pro? Sound off in the comments!