A College Girl’s Guide to Professional Fraternity Rush!

Nervous about recruitment for your professional or honor fraternity recruitment?!? Check out my guide on the blog!

Okay, so it’s another week in the #12DaysofBTC series. Now, today’s topic is something that is very near and dear to my heart. In the spring of 2016, I decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi which is the gender-inclusive National Honor Fraternity at UNC! It was as nerve wracking for me as it probably is for a lot of people. I have met so many amazing people through this organization and recommend it to anyone who is looking for their family on campus.

So, what are my tips and tricks to Sorority/Fraternity Recruitment? Keep reading to see!

This year, I am on the exec board of UNC’s chapter of PSP and I’ll be serving as one of the Initiate Advisors. Basically, my job is to make sure that the potential new members that are going through our process feel comfortable and are being properly integrated into our big community! My biggest suggestion/tip is to take Recruitment as an opportunity to learn about the organization and its members just as much as you are trying to let us get to know you.

Being in a fraternity is only going to work if it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. You need to love it as much as they’re going to love you! Take the time to have meaningful conversations with as many of the members as possible!


1. Be yourself.

Figured I get the most cliched of the list out of the way! I can’t tell you how important it is when rushing a professional fraternity to be yourself. Our process is longer and more involved than other recruitment processes because we want to get to know each and every person! Trust me, I was a Nervous Nelly when I was rushing Phi Sig, and I definitely didn’t know what to expect. So, I went into it being positive, engaged, and flexible; and I’m pretty sure that made all the difference!

2. There is a hierarchy, but please DO NOT only seek out people you deem to be ‘important’. Every single member has an equal voice and sometimes the most influential people don’t have formal titles.

As you can probably figure out, there is a deliberation process. All you need to be worried about is making sure you communicate how you intend on being a good member of the organization and getting to know all of the members that you can. One of my biggest red flags going through the process are people who actively search for executive board members and committee chairs simply because of their roles. That’s a huge no-no! Everyone in the organization is great and you should value time speaking with them, too!

3. Have a 2-3 minute spiel prepared of things about yourself. I love starting with “so tell me about yourself.”

There is a fine line to cross with this one. I’d recommend having an idea of what you want to say and what you think is most important. Also, be ready for the normal ebb and flow of conversation. Here’s what I mean:

Ah okay.. so, I’m a junior biochemistry major, and yeah it sounds as hard as it is. I’m from Coastal Virginia and I love spending my time during the summer on the beach. I loveee athletic events and I’ve been a Carolina Fever member for the past 3 years; oh and I take pride in the fact that I’ve been to the Duke game three times! [They should have interrupted you by now. If not, it’s all good because you have more.] I have a college lifestyle blog that I run with one of my best friend’s from high school! It’s pushed me way outside my comfort zone and forces me to get more creative every day! [I am most definitely stopped here; so find that thing that will force a question!]

Do you love to travel? Do you have an insane talent? Meet a celebrity once? Never been out of your state?

4. I am super impressed when people ask questions about the organization: how it runs and works and what I love {and/or dislike} about the experience.

Unless you have a good friend or sibling that is already a member of the organization, everything you are learning is probably very new and very confusing. What is all the weird lingo that people are throwing around? I have no idea how this process even works? Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, and ask. This for me shows a deeper interest and purposefulness! Both incredibly important, imo!

5. Enthusiasm in recruitment activities and encouraging other potential new members is so important.

This is simple. Knowing that you genuinely want to be there and that you are actively engaging with old and potential new members speaks volumes.

6. We are trying to woo you about as much as you’re trying to woo us.

We want you to like us, just as much as you want us to like you! There are parts of our organization that take work. There are requirements that you have to meet and deadlines you have to be ready for. So, we have to sprinkle our charm a little bit so you know it’s worth it. Enjoy the wooing and free food.

7. Share your ideas with members of the fraternity.

I love ideas especially fresh ones! We are always trying to grow and better our organizations. So please, if you have some ideas for events and our committees, share them! This is when you want to be directed towards the committee chair or whoever is in charge of implementing your idea! Members should be able to point you in the right direction!

8. Check your emails constantly and make sure you are on top of times and locations!

You never know when there is going to be a water crisis [lol @ Chapel Hill] or when the power is going to go out or a major blizzard that shuts down the whole of campus. Most groups will post updates on their Facebook pages and send out emails. Make sure you are staying up to date with that! Stay connected and check your emails!!!!

9. Go to the interest meetings or meet nights to learn more about the process and organization before committing to 1-2 weeks of events!

This is the perfect way to know if you’ll actually fit in and save you a ton of time if you decide it isn’t actually your jam. In our interest meetings, we go over the pillars of our organization, give examples of events, and give an overall idea of what you can expect from membership! Overall a good way to make sure you actually want to do this!

10. Initiate the conversation and don’t ask me about my major first to get me super impressed

Hey shy fam, this one is for you! Trust me, I get it. Sometimes the thought of stepping outside your zone is terrifying. Like getting-nauseous-just-thinking-about-it terrifying. This is your time to surprise yourself; it is possible! Everyone is there to interact with you, so no one is going to look at you and be like, “why is this lady talking to me right now?” They’re more so thinking, “OMG someone is talking to me!!!” Get in there and ask about my hometown or how my week is going! Ya know, like normal conversation {lol}.

I have loved being a member of Phi Sigma Pi! I have some of the best of friends that I get to hang out with a lot during recruitment. I also love talking about how much I have grown after pushing myself to do something I never thought I would. We’re all looking for our place on campus, and while this maybe my home only about 1/4 of the time {yeah, I’m like super busy during the school year}, I’m always confident that I have a great base to go back to!

If you are considering going through recruitment for any professional or honor fraternity make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Whether you want to make friends, build connections in your field, try new things, and/or you’re tired of your current patterns, figure it out because I love asking people why they are rushing!

Are you in a sorority or fraternity? Do you have any other tips or comments about the process? Leave down in the comments because I’m curious!

keep on keepin’ on,