10 Bloggers That Will Get You Through the School Year

OKAY, another year is coming. Have I told y’all that I started Game of Thrones? Hmm, well I did that. Anyway, today’s post is fun because I get to talk about some of my favorite bloggers. And honestly, these are some of the blogs that I read the most. I just love reading blogs from people I can relate to. As much as I would love to be working my dream job, engaged, and traveling every other weekend; that ain’t my life right now. For some reason, I have a hard time connecting to bloggers who are at that stage.

However, there are so many lovely ladies who are at similar places in life who I just understand on that level where reading a post is comforting in a way. Also, as you can see I read a little bit of everything. If you’re reading all these gals by the end of this post, I will have introduced you to some great content. But, I will also have you prepped for this next year. These girls come up with the best content!! So, you’re welcome in advance. Now, let’s get to it!

Abigail from Living the Gray Life

Health and Fitness

My Favorite Recent Post: Answering Your Fitness Questions

Why You’ll Love Her:

Abigail is one of my favorite humans. I think when she went on a hiatus a couple of months ago, I really wanted to text her and be like GIRL, where are you at?? I high key regret not doing that because she’s awesome! She found her calling in everything health and fitness and she always has me motivated to be fit, and it’s also nice that she treats herself a little bit every now and then with a donut or two! f you’re looking for motivation and just chill vibes, her blog is most definitely for you!

Cristina from Cristina Was Here

Food & Lifestyle

My Favorite Recent Post: Tips For Saving Money On Those “Adult” Purchases

Why You’ll Love Her:

Cristina is a gem, and I’m SO sad I never got to meet her when I was in Houston! Personally, I’m a huge fan of all her food content. She eats incredibly clean, but it never seems like a chore which is perfect for my college life! As much as I love the Food Network, I can’t sit around for 3 hours at night making a gourmet soufflé like Bobby Flay, ya know. Also, I think I get some Texas from her posts and I’m so ready to get back there. It makes me happy getting to follow someone who lives in The Lonestar State.

Kayla from Kayla Blogs

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Post-Grad Lifestyle

My Favorite Recent Post: All You Need To Know About the GRE.

Why You’ll Love Her:

Kayla one of the OG college bloggers has graduated. *gasp* However, she’s going to graduate school. *LIT* I’m currently going through the process that she went through last year and I would probably be a little bit more stressed if she hadn’t posted some of her graduate school posts through out last year. Kayla has probably been in all of my blogger round ups because she’s just legitimately one of the most genuine and creative people.

Alex from Alex Marie

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My Favorite Recent Post: What I Eat In A Day

Why You’ll Love Her:

I’ve gotten into Alex’s health and fitness posts because I can really relate to her journey. I love that she’s working so hard and as you can probably tell, I like reading blogs of people that I can look up to and who are motivating! She’s frank and genuine[#buzzword] and her posts are always funny and enjoyable. I’m a big fan of her “photo dump” posts as well; her eye for photography is so impressive for real. Also, we’re overdue for a photo shoot. Let’s get on that.

Caitlyn from College with Caitlyn


My Favorite Recent Post: Friend Dates: What Are They and 15 Ideas!

Why You’ll Love Her:

You’ll love Caitlyn because Caitlyn loves Dunkin’. Also, if that doesn’t already sway you into wanting to pop over to her blog, we need to talk. On a serious note, she’s one of my favorites because she is unapologetically herself. Sometimes, I wish I was as daring as her when it comes to content and blog post ideas. I don’t think anything is taboo on her blog and it’s super refreshing.

Audrey from Audrey Madison Stowe


My Favorite Recent Post: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take A BFF Trip

Why You’ll Love Her:

I don’t really think I need to convince anyone that they’ll love Audrey because she’s so nice and absolutely precious! Audrey is one of the few style bloggers that I follow because she mixes in some lifestyle related things and I love those! Her Instagram stories are so fun to watch and her personality overall is just great! Also, she’s from Dallas and we already know how much I want to move there.

Molly from Molly On the Move

Post Grad Lifestyle + Travel

My Favorite Recent Post: An Instagrammer’s Guide to Nashville

Why You’ll Love Her:

Molly’s food photos always make my mouth water! She has absolutely incredible travel and food content and it feeds the traveler inside of me when I’m stuck in the library for 3 months at a time. She’s definitely been diversifying her content recently and I am here for it. Okay, and yes I realize there is another Texan on the list, but I promise I would be following her even if she wasn’t from there!

Sally from Sweetly Sally

Life + Style

My Favorite Recent Post: What to Wear in New York City

Why You’ll Love Her:

Sally is just relatable. Point. Blank. Period. We met{!!} two days ago and we got to chat about blogging and the pressures to do what everyone else is doing. We also got to nerd out about camera lenses, so that was a highlight too. Anyway, I loved that she mixed in totally unrelated topics with her style posts because it just gave all the posts more personality and purpose! I’m glad that she’s bringing it back!

Amelie from A Wanderer’s Adventures


My Favorite Recent Post: 10 Books You Should Add To Your TBR This Summer

Why You’ll Love Her:

Amelie is one of the only international bloggers [Canada, but like it still counts] that I follow, but her content is still crazy relatable. I’ve learned a ton from her internship and job-related posts and all of her recent content has been crazy good. I think she’s been following along with us for a majority of our blogging journey, too! She also managed to get me back into reading, so I love her book posts for ideas of what to pick up next!

Tomi from GoodTomiCha

Post Grad Life + Style

My Favorite Recent Post: #StopProfiling A Letter To Big Tobacco Companies

Why You’ll Love Her:

OKAY, Tomi is one of my favorites because that #BlackGirlMagic. Also, she’s spent the past year in New York City which is literal goals. Her blog focuses on style, but also has a great mix of lifestyle. If you can’t tell that’s a good combo for me, then I don’t know. But, she’s going to graduate school back in the south and I’m excited to see how she kills it in business school! YGG.

keep on keepin’ on,