Choosing the Perfect Planner For You!

I think one thing almost every single college blogger can agree on is that every college gal & guy needs an agenda or planner. An agenda and a planner are logistically the same exact thing; that’s just the English language once again making our life harder. But yeah, so we all say you need one, but which one should you get?! I have had a different planner every single year since my junior year of high school! I also use more than one at a time now to organized different parts of my life.

How do you find the perfect planner for your college life? I'm talking about all my favorite planners ever on the blog including the Day Designer, Erin Condren Life Planner, and Lily Pulitzer agenda!

Choosing a planner can be overwhelming for some and perfect for others, which is really the theme of today’s post. I’m going to be breaking down each planner I’ve ever used and giving you the low down on the size, sturdiness, and who I think will love each one the most. These are 100% my own opinion and not everyone will agree with my insight, but something is better than nothing am I right? So, who’s ready to talk all about planners?!

Fit & Fabulous: Happy Planner by Create 365

So the Happy Planner is colorful and comes with a ton of fun extras to add to their planners. But, personally, I think their fitness planner is the hidden gem of their planner line. If you are looking for a meal planner, workout tracker, and places to write down your goals and keep track of your fitness journey, I highly recommend one of their fitness planners. It comes in two different sizes and can start whenever you want it too! I can’t wait to start using mine in September! The best part is that it also includes fun quotes and places built in to mark your water count and steps!

Classic Pattern Lover: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

The Lily line of agendas is a classic and one of my favorite starter planners. It gives you the perfect amount of space to write down homework and after school activities {I used mine in high school}. I think that they are at a price point where if you aren’t sure about how often you’ll use your planner, this one would be great to try! It comes with stickers and all the patterns are super cute!! This is perfect for high school students and really anyone who doesn’t feel like they need to write down their entire life story into a book. Also, if you like the traditional horizontal style planners, I would point you in the direction of the Lily planner! Did I mention it comes with super cute stickers?

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

The Organized Student: Plum Paper Planner Student Agenda

The Plum Paper Planner was my agenda of choice when I was going into my sophomore year of college. It’s got plenty of space for organizing your work and to-dos by class, and if you buy the Academic version you can have the pages pre-printed with the classes that you need. You can also choose to have these made in 6-month or 12-month options. So if you are on the semester schedule, you can switch when your classes are up and if you have year-long classes you can simply keep the same 12-month planner! I don’t think I’ve seen a planner company that gives you as many customizable options as the Plum Paper Planner without charging you an arm and a leg to do so. It’s pretty sturdy and there are some really cute designs!

Plum Paper Planner Plum Paper Planner

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Stylish But Functional Girl Boss: Day Designer

The Day Designer is one of my favorites over all. It is perfect for anyone that considers themselves to be a girl boss. If you are always busy no matter what the season, this might be the planner for you! I would schedule in meetings that I had with various organizations, match up class times, and write in meals/workout times. Personally, this was my favorite during the school year, but also kept me on track for my less busy parts of summer as well! I honestly loved the day for each page and think it is perfect for you gals who love to be super organized. You can shop these planners on their website using our affiliate link here.

The Busy Gal: Erin Condren Life Planner

I’m a new convert to the Erin Condren train. Hannah has had her planner for almost a year and is finishing up with this bad boy into the fall semester. I honestly never thought that I would ever spend that much money on an agenda. Ya girl can think of a lot of things that I can get with 60 dollars [*cough* chipping into the cost of another lens *cough*], however, I cannot stress how important an agenda of some sort is to your success as a college student or a student at any level really. I love that you get the weekly view and that you can separate your days/week into three sections. This summer I’ve been using it as a work, GRE, work out/cooking division because those are the major divisions of my life here. However, I will likely switch to the morning, afternoon, and evening divisions for the year!

Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing

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