A College Girl’s Guide: What to Expect Your Freshman Year

As the eldest sibling in my family, I had absolutely no idea what to expect going into my freshman year! I remember reading just about every college blog post on Pinterest, trying to absorb every piece of information I could about what the next 4 years of my life would be like.

While everyone's freshman year is different, here are some general things that you can expect during your first year of the best four years of your life!

As someone who’s about to enter her fourth(!) year of college, I can say with confidence that it all works out. Sure, freshman year isn’t perfect, but it sure is one hell of a great ride.

While everyone’s freshman year is different, here are some general things that you can expect during your first year of the best four years of your life!

Upperclassmen Will Judge You

You may think that you’ve somehow evaded the whole “college freshman” look when you first get to campus.

Take it from a senior in college: we still know. And yeah, we’ll probably look down on you.

That being said, WHO CARES?? You do you, girlfriend.

If the freshmen aren’t going to look and act like freshmen, then what’s the point? Half the fun is remembering it later and laughing to yourself that you couldn’t find the science building or that you dropped a plate of food in the dining hall.

Seriously, HAVE FUN freshman year.

The seniors are only looking down on you because they wish they could redo the best four years all over again.

You Will Get Lost

Whether you go to a large state school with multiple campuses or a small, liberal arts school, one thing’s for certain: you will get lost.

I’ve sat in a wrong class on the first day of the semester at least once a semester. Room 117 just looks a lot like Room 119, okay?? It happens to the best of us and the best thing to do is just laugh it off!

Seriously, everyone is so nervous on the first day of class that no one’s taking inventory to make sure that you show up the next class period. Just take the syllabus, sit through class, and find the right class next time!

Also, Google Maps will give you walking directions using the paths on campus! It can be your #DirtyLittleSecret – everyone will just think you’re invested in your phone and no one will suspect that you’re trying to navigate to class!

Classes Will Get Hard

Even if you had a pretty rigorous high school, college is simply more responsibility and less structure. You’re probably taking a few classes with an unfamiliar subject matter. Even the subjects that you do know are going to be a little bit different.

That being said, don’t get discouraged! College isn’t easy for anyone. My advice is to use all of the academic and career resources that your school offers to make the most of your education!

You’ll Make Friends Quickly

The best thing that you can do during freshman year is be open to meeting new people! Don’t be afraid to talk to as many people as possible, especially during orientation. Everyone is just as nervous about meeting people as you are.

Ask people where they’re from and what they’re studying to get the conversation flowing. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, and hopefully, you can find something in common!

Also, don’t be stressed about finding “your people” right off the bat. I met some of my best friends during freshman orientation, and I met some of my best friends at the beginning of junior year! Nothing is static in college, so be ready to go with the flow and always be open to meeting new people!

You’ll Learn a Ton of Lingo

Pretty much every building and popular event on campus will have a nickname. Freshman orientation? FroshO. O’Shaughnessy Hall? O’Shag.

Honestly, thank goodness we call it that because I had to Google how to spell O’Shaughnessy.

The lingo can be confusing at first, but you’ll feel like a true college student once you nail all the nicknames. Just remember to not use nicknames when you go back home – your friends from high school will be so lost!

Freshman Year Will Fly By

Pretty soon, you’ll be a senior in college giving advice to the incoming freshman, just like yours truly. So take chances, try new things, and make freshman year the best year yet!

Are you going into your first year of college, or are you a seasoned pro? Comment down below! And stay tuned for Gabby’s ENTIRE MONTH of back-to-school content – we still have lots of great advice coming your way!