What to Do In LA: Melrose Avenue Mural Crawl

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing all about my LA trip, but I also loved that weekend in the City of Stars and I just have more to share. If you follow me on the multitude of social media accounts that I run, you know that I love a good mural. And if you don’t, what the heck? Go check out my personal Instagram here and follow the blog account here. When I got to out Airbnb in West Hollywood, there was a pretty little booklet in a basket with water and towels and what not lying on the bed.

A walkable mural crawl of West Hollywood including all the best Melrose murals and some break spots for brunch and coffee in between photo ops.

My hosts were a genius because it had a list of all the fun murals you could find within a short walk from our place! Did I mention we picked the best location ever? Okay, well we did. I loved being right off Melrose and a close walk to Alfred’s and Urth and apparently a gazillion murals. So, today I’ll walk you through the murals we passed and share some pictures!! All edited with the new presets I made. Man, Lightroom is my jam when I’m not churning out science things. Let’s get into it!

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West Hollywood Mural Crawl

B&W Mural x Retna

8826 Melrose Ave

This was the first mural we walked to and then walked back towards La Cienaga when we did our big mural run on Sunday morning. We found some other ones nearby earlier in the weekend that you can hit, too! This one is by an artist named Retna and there are a ton of other murals across LA that have the same style but are still a super fun photo opportunity.

Pug Mural

8807 Melrose Ave

Next, we happened upon this adorable pug mural. LIKE CAN WE JUST. I can’t tell you how excited I was to do some serious and fun pictures in front of this wall. Calling dog lovers everywhere, this one is for you!

Blue Mural x Retna

623 N San Vincente Blvd

Here’s another cool mural from Retna, that we struggled to find because it’s on the side of a parking lot we couldn’t find the entrance to. Pro tip: go down San Vincente Blvd from Melrose and you’ll find it super quick!

Dream Big Mural

691 N La Cienega Blvd

This was one that we found on our way walking to Joey’s Cafe for breakfast on Saturday morning, but I wanted to include it because it’s a quick walk down La Cienaga from Melrose. It’s a pretty big mural and I’d recommend trying to hit this one on a nonbusy morning so cars aren’t blocking it!

-Coffee Break @ Alfred’s-

8509 Melrose Ave

You’ll probably be tired and thirsty at this point. Okay, maybe not. But, it’s time to stop at Alfred’s. You can either stop at Alfred in the Alley, which has two murals that are super cute or you can stop at Alfred @ Melrose which is bigger and has a magnificently trendy interior. You can’t go wrong with either one!

Girl’s Tour

708 N Orange Grove

Now, we were planning to get Brunch at Toast Bakery and Cafe, so we wanted to end our mural tour as close to Toast as possible. So, we walked down to the Girls Tour because it was the farthest and worked our way back! This one is super cute and would be great to get a squad pic in front of. On the weekend, it’s usually pretty crowded so you can get someone to take it for you.

Made in LA

8025 Melrose Ave

This one was good for my Instagram theme but not as colorful as the rest of the tour, but I still liked it and I think it’s a good one to stop at. There’s also a rainbow mural on the other side of the street that you can also hit up if you have time!

Pink Wall

8221 Melrose Ave

The infamous and Instagram famous pink wall is a must see especially if it’s your first time in LA aka just like me. It’s super fun because the entire side of this building is bright neon pink. There is plenty of space for pictures and you might even catch some bloggers and Instagram models while you’re there. Also, Carrera Coffee is across the street where you can get a picture of Kim Kardashian crying on your latte. Peak basic level reached.

-Brunch at Toast-

Angel Wings x Collette Miller

8401 W 3rd Street

Now, after a lovely brunch/lunch/dinner at Toast, you can head to one of the Angel Wings murals on 3rd. It’s a quick walk from the restaurant and right across from the cutest little Bakery. This was one of those iconic LA things to do as well!

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this post about murals! I had a blast editing and writing it. Trust me, I love to go mural hunting and this was just too easy not to do! If you snag any pics in front of these murals, tag me/us! I want to see! Happy mural hunting!

Here are the outfit deets for my mural hunting #ootd!


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    This is such a cute post Gabby! I will totally be referring back to this post if I go to LA in the next few years.
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  • Makaela Premont

    That’s so much fun and great for Instagram photos! I didn’t even realize how many murals there were in the area….incredible.

    -xo, Makaela