How to Spend Your Weekends in College

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a hot second since I’ve posted, but the craziness of college football season always gets to me! My Saturdays are taken up by a whole day of football, which leaves Sundays for trying to get a whole weekend’s worth of work and cleaning done. Now that my final football season is over (I’m still in denial), I’m excited to have my weekends back.

This week, I thought I’d share with you my favorite things to do during my weekends in college!

I'm a firm believer that the weekends in college should be relaxing, so I try to be uber-productive with my school work to leave lots of time for fun!

How to Spend Your Weekends in College

Sure, weekends in college are for catching up on work and preparing for the week ahead. But I’m a firm believer that the weekends should be for de-stressing and relaxing, so I try to be uber-productive with my school work to leave lots of time for fun! Below are four of my favorite ways to spend Saturday and Sunday.

Me Time

When you spend the whole week with your roommates and classmates, sometimes taking some time to yourself is much-needed! For me, I like to workout or do yoga. They’re activities that I can do by myself and no one can really bother me!

I’m also trying to finish all 10 seasons of “Friends” on Netflix. It’s been a long journey, but I just started season 10! Now that it’s cold outside, it’s so nice to snuggle up with some Netflix and light a Christmas-scented candle. Any activity that doesn’t involve the stress of school and classwork can be a great way to re-focus and enjoy your “me time”!


Another really great way to spend your weekends in college is to travel! I spend so much of my time on campus that sometimes I forget that an actual world exists beyond the edge of campus. The “college bubble” is real, y’all!

The weekend is the perfect time to venture out to the area around your school! Travel doesn’t have to involve planes and long trips. Simply taking a trip to Target or going out to brunch at that cute restaurant in town can be fun! Last weekend, I took a two-hour train ride to Chicago for the day. It was a spontaneous trip so I didn’t really have a game plan. Even so, I had a great time walking around the city, taking a long lunch, and going shopping!
Weekend in College

Weekend in College

Weekend in College

Weekends in College

Some other fun trips I’ve taken during college have been to the local apple orchard to go apple picking, to a fancy restaurant for a “girl’s night out”, and of course countless trips to Costco and Target just for fun!

Try Something New

While it’s nice to have a routine in college, it’s nice to break up the monotony of doing work. The weekend is a great time to have a potluck dinner with your friends, go to a movie or event on campus, or create a fun decoration for your room (this dorm room decoration tutorial from Gabby is so cute and I have one on my wall!).

As I mentioned above, getting off campus and trying new activities in the area is one of my favorite ways to spend my weekends in college! I’m not going to live in the town my school is in after college, so is the only chance I’ll have to explore the area.


Not a lot of explanation is needed for this one, but SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. It’s taken me almost 3 years of college to realize that sometimes it actually hurts my grades to stay up late studying instead of studying a little bit less but getting a full night’s sleep. When I’m tired, I can’t focus in class as well. Plus, I have to spend so much money on coffee just to stay alert! Taking the weekends to sleep in and catch up on those zzzs can set you up for success when Monday comes around!

I’m looking forward to decorating my room for Christmas in the coming weeks! How do you spend your weekends in college? Do you #workworkwork or are you all about relaxing and exploring? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@theswirlblog, @_hancam_, and and Twitter (@theswirlblog) for all of our updates. NEW CALIFORNIA VLOGS COMINGS SOON!

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