A College Girl’s Gift Guide!

It’s officially Christmas season! I’m playing my Christmas Spotify album, burning my Christmas¬†cookie candle, and getting into the holiday spirit! I’ve also been online shopping and trying to find all the good sales. Audrey rounded up some fantastic sales here. A couple of holiday seasons ago, I shared some of my go-to gift ideas for every gal in your life no matter their aesthetic. I can’t believe that we’ve been blogging for that long, that I can say “a couple of seasons ago.” But, that’s a topic for a whole other post. I’ll go ahead and save you from my nostalgic mems and just dive right into the good stuff!

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For Her

So, we all have best friends, sisters, cousins, etc. that you know so well, but when it comes to buying gifts, you just have no idea what to get her! I mean sure you can make a meaningful card and write how much your nights spent eating tacos and margaritas helped you through your last semesters, but it’s also nice to pick out that perfect accessory or item that you know she’ll love.

On the affordable end, I love racking up from the cold weather accessory section of my favorite stores: Target, American Eagle, Old Navy, and J. Crew Factory! These sunglasses from Forever 21 are my absolute favorite! I have them in the tortoise pattern but have frequently thought about investing in the black design. They are perfect for when you want to feel like a diva. I am also absolutely obsessed with the Blue Velvet Booties from Old Navy; I was this close to purchasing them for myself. Imagine the New Year’s looks you could put together with these shoes.

Under $15

Under $50

Under $100

Under $150

For Photographers

I don’t know if I would necessarily self-identify as a “photographer,” but I’d absolutely love getting all of these gifts, especially as a beginner. There are certain things that I absolutely hate buying and paying for when it comes to my photography as a side hustle. Memory cards and editing software is an absolute bust. I would love an extra memory card and a paid year of Lightroom along with some Christmas candy that I can mindlessly nibble on while editing.

On the more fun and creative side, you can pick out an adorable camera strap. I have my eyes on a camera strap scarf that I’ve heard amazing things about. If you are trying to find some higher end options, a lens is always a fantastic gift. If they are #teamnikon, as they should be, I love my 35mm f/1.8G lens and have my eye on the 50mm f/1.4G lens as well! Perfect for portrait photography.¬†

Under $20

Under $50

Under $250

For Mom

I always struggle with limiting the number of things I can pick out for my mom because we are almost always on the same wavelength. I can basically just go shopping for myself and that’ll be exactly what she would want. For example, I am obsessed with my Calpak marble luggage [I know, I know], but I would probably pick out similar luggage for her like the adorable rose gold carry-on I have linked here. She also loves new cleaning gadgets; who knew that Dyson products were such a hot commodity. My mom has been bugging me about this handheld vacuum for weeks. You can also never go wrong with her favorite year-round perfume.

Under $25

Under $75

Under $150

Under $250

WOW, I’m so excited for the holiday season! Baking, shopping, and making people happy are some of my favorite things and basically the point of the holidays, right? Where are your favorite places to get those holiday deals? I love Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ulta! I can get the best gifts at these places. Now, I need to go update my holiday playlist on Spotify and add some things to my blogger Secret Santa wishlist!

keep on keepin’ on,