A Foodie Review: Bartaco Chapel Hill

Okay, so the weird thing is that I’ve never done a restaurant review on the blog before. A lot of our readers actually live in Chapel Hill so it would make sense to review new restaurants in the Triangle area right? Anyway, I love trying new restaurants. My foodie bucket list is almost finished. I just need to get my foodie gang back together so that we can finish it off before graduation.

I was ~literally~ so excited when I got an email from one of the bartaco PR reps. They were promoting a new secret taco and were using local bloggers for social media coverage. More restaurants need to take note because it was so much fun and I’d definitely do it again. What’s the secret taco, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

This post isn’t sponsored, but bartaco did reach out to us to come into the restaurant and try the new taco and some of there other menu specialties. I really love some of the pictures that I took and wanted to share them with y’all. As always, comments and opinions are 100% my own.

The Atmosphere

It was a dreary and rainy day when I went to bartaco, but it kind of matched the New England coastal vibe that I think they are going for. The decorations and branding are seriously my favorite. The navy pillows, wooden accents, and wicker basket light fixtures are seriously so cute. I also love the use of candles to create a warm and welcoming environment. bartaco is seriously the best place to grab drinks and a snack with coworkers after a long week. That may be the most twenty-something statement I have ever written on this blog and I am definitely okay with it.

The Starters

I don’t think you all understand how frequently I am in bartaco. I think I had been there 4 times in the span of 6 weeks. Camryn and I met up to talk about blog photography and my friend Charlotte had her birthday dinner there. The guacamole is seriously some of the best stuff I’ve ever had. I always seem to be conflicted about whether I should order it every time I come in, but I always do! It can be a little spicy, but I like it that way. The flavors are incredible, as you’ll see becomes a theme across all their dishes.

One Marg, Please.

I also treated myself to a margarita [remember I turned 21 in August y’all]! Their traditional lime juice margarita is definitely my favorite, but if you’re a fan of sweeter drinks you have them make you a margarita with any of the freshly squeezed juices they have at the bar. One time I got watermelon and it even came with a huge watermelon chunk in it. 10/10 would recommend getting a beverage during your next trip.

Tacos Aren’t Just for Tuesdays.

Okay, so arguably the best part of the whole experience is the tacos. I would describe them as bite-sized, but after a small guacamole and margarita, three tacos will fill you right up. My favorites are the chicken, pork pastor, and Baja fish. I get one of each every time. This time I swapped the pork for the secret taco: the crispy avocado taco. When I was in California, I was an avocado queen and this lived up to my expectations. The flavors, dressing, and crispiness of the taco all blended so well. Vegetarians out there will absolutely love how this tastes.

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to drive over to bartaco right now! Who’s with me? This was probably one of my favorite ~blogger~ things I’ve done so far. Mostly because I actually love bartaco and go there all the time and had the chance to collaborate and work with them. How cool is that! Sometimes I’m amazed by the cool opportunities that I get to have because of this small little corner of the internet. I could have never imagined that people would actually read what I have to say and resonate with it. That’s absolutely crazy to me.

Seriously, I can’t wait for all the great things I have planned for 2018. I want to introduce more photography focused things on this space and start integrating new topics. I am so pumped to actually spend time on the blog. Funny thing is, it took daily blogging to make me realize how silly I actually was for not posting during the semester. Anyway, back to the tacos.


I am actually drooling right now. How’d I do on my first foodie review? It’s hard describing flavors, but really all you need to know is that the atmosphere of this place is incredible. Seriously, one of my favorite places in Chapel Hill. Thanks to Mark and the entire bartaco team for making this experience so great! Thanks for having me and treating me like a star. It was a blast! What’s your favorite restaurant like? I’m a sucker for cute decor. If you go and try the secret taco, tag us on Instagram and let me know what you think!

keep on keepin’ on,