My Favorite Blog Posts of 2017!

2017 was the year of some blog growth, but our content also got a lot more diverse. College advice is still really popular; but our travel, chit chat, style, and blogging posts have also done pretty well. This is great in terms of the future of this blog. I mean we are both graduating in 5 months. Five more months where we will be college lifestyle bloggers. I’m hopefully going to continue my studies as a graduate student; but as far as the blog as concerned, I’d like to transfer with Hannah into more of a twenty-something lifestyle blogger. The nice thing is that I won’t have to try too hard to resist posting about burn out and time management in a college atmosphere just yet. Today’s post is all about my favorite blog posts from the year. From my LA travels to my favorite recipes, I think this year was pretty great as far as content is concerned.

Easy & Affordable Meals: Pecan Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

This was the first post with pictures taken on my DSLR and I think I did a pretty good job. I also freakin’ love oatmeal and make this all the time.

Real Talk: Why I Wasn’t Hitting My Goals + How I Started Living For Me

You know when there are some things that are on your mind and you need to purge. Yeah, that was this post. Frankly, one of my favorites and I’d give it a read.

6 Things to Know Before Your First Semester of College

Another college advice piece that I loved writing and people seem to love reading!

Behind the Scenes of the College Blogger Lifestyle

This was just a fun post to write! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like being a college blogger, this post is for you.

Blogger Basics: How I Edit My Photos with Lightroom

The Blogger Basics series has been super popular, but I think this was my most in-depth one! I love Lightroom and think it’s probably the best for batch editing. I’m even looking into releasing presets later next year!

How to Spend A Weekend in D.C.

D.C. is probably the best place for a weekend trip for college students living in the North/Mideast coastal area. If you love museums, good food, and fun pictures, this is the post for you. I also wrote a post on New York and Los Angeles!

5 Travel Hacks for Exploring A New City

When I found out that I could make an offline google map, I was so pumped. You save so much data and battery life which is essential when you’re traveling and don’t want to get lost. I think I came up with some pretty cool ideas for how to make the most of traveling to a new place!

My Summer Night Routine + Favorite Sensitive Skincare

First Aid Beauty made its debut in my skincare routine. I love that stuff so much! This post was so fun to take pictures for too! Taking pictures of yourself by yourself is just annoying. Butttt, it makes for pretty funny pictures for the blog.

5 Ways to Make Living With Roommates Easier

You can have a blast with your college roommates with these easy tips and thoughs from a college girl who lived with 4+ for 3 years!

I’m kind of over the whole roommate thing, but I’d learned a lot from my revolving roommate situation. I’ve had pretty great relationships with all of my roommates. I’m still pretty good friends with most of them! My tips may seem like common sense when you read them, but the trick is remembering them when the dishes never get cleaned!

Some honorable mentions are my post on a mural crawl down Melrose Avenue and basically any of my Friday chit chats. I love giving y’all a glimpse into my thoughts from week to week! Did you have any posts that really resonated with you on the blog this year? Are you a blogger and have a post of yours that was a favorite? Send me the link; I’d love to read it!

keep on keepin’ on,