6 Things You’ll Need To Rock Your Next Semester

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Blogmas is over and all of the Christmas decorations are slowly being stashed away for next year. It clearly means that it’s time for new year content. These posts are some of our most popular and this year, we’ll be bringing you some new, but still great, content to prep for 2018. Han and I are headed into our last semesters of undergrad. I think we’ve pretty much figured out the college game by now. We’ve teamed up with our friends over at CORT Furniture Rental once again to share our favorite essentials that are absolutely necessary to survive college. From electronics to school supplies, we’re sharing our must-have products for a seamless next semester.

We are currently curating our editorial calendar for the entire semester and we want to make sure that we are including content that everyone would love to see! If you have any suggestions/requests, please leave them down in the comments! Amazing, let’s get into it!

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at CORT Furniture Rental once again to share our favorite essentials that are absolutely necessary to survive college. From electronics to school supplies, we’re sharing our must-have products for a seamless next semester.

Grammarly Plug-In

I’m currently running out of space on my four-year-old trooper of a laptop, but one application that I make sure to include is Grammarly for Mac. I also have the Chrome add-on installed so that my online submissions, including blog posts, can get a nice scrub before being posted with silly errors. This bad boy is handy even when only using the free version because it catches some of those small errors that are immediately noticeable by your professor. Just think their vs. they’re and apart vs a part. You know those guys. If you are looking to really improve beyond small mistakes like these, I’d highly recommend paying for the premium subscription.

The improvement you can make is absolutely amazing, let me tell you. I don’t write a ton of papers, lol @ the chemistry major, but my general education requirements can be killer. It was helpful to have a tool to make sure that my original ideas could be communicated clearly and effortlessly— seemingly anyway.

A Do-It-Yourself Coffee Maker

I killed my bank account this semester by spending so much money on food and clothes. One thing I had forgotten is how essential it is to cut frivolous spending by doing a lot of things yourself. Frugal is better. It feels so much better to not be stressing yourself out financially, and you can easily cut that stress by embracing the frugal lifestyle. One way that I make sure to save a couple cents here and there is by making my own coffee every morning.

Invest and see the results, as my dad always says. I love my Keurig for quick and easy caffeine in the morning. The filter pods that you can buy now are so cool and I’ve picked up a couple for myself. You can add your own favorite coffee which is a lot cheaper than buying pods. You can get these cute purple ones from Amazon here.

Amazon Echo

“Alexa, set an alarm for 6:15am tomorrow!” “Alexa, play instrumentalz on Spotify.” “Alexa, what’s the weather out today?” I don’t know what I did before Alexa and I became friends. She’s basically like my digital personal assistant and I love it. I use my Alexa all the time and I think that this device is also worth the small investment. I have the Amazon Echo Dot which is probably the most affordable of the line but still gets the job done beautifully.

You can do all kinds of things that I haven’t even tried yet, like ordering pizza and Ubers. I feel like I’m pretty tech savvy and even these things scare me a little bit. I don’t want Alexa knowing my entire life, ya know. I’d like to personally think Kayla for sharing a scary Facebook story that has absolutely ruined the idea of Alexa being my actual digital assistant. It’s definitely a new edition to my college must haves, but also high on the current list!

Anything & Everything Cozy

Even if you go to school in the south, January and February bring shorter days and chillier mornings! I (Hannah) go to school in Northern Indiana, so I’m definitely no stranger to frigid temps and a lack of Vitamin D. Fun, inexpensive room accessories can really brighten those dreary winter days. Adding a fuzzy blanket and some twinkly lights to your bedroom can make it a cozy oasis, even if it’s snowing outside. For those weekend afternoons when you just can’t make the trek out of your room or apartment, invest in a solid pair of fuzzy socks or some comfy pajamas (PJs? Pajamas? I never know!). You’ll be so warm and cozy – just make sure that you actually leave to go to class!

Chillier days also mean that you can’t spend time outside relaxing, sitting in your hammock, and hanging out with your friends on the quad. Bring the party inside and have a cozy movie night! Have everyone bring their own mug, and make sure to have hot chocolate and plenty of marshmallows on hand. It’s the perfect way to warm up & wind down after a crazy week. Me and Gabby’s go-to favorite TV shows are Scandal, Parks & Rec, and Jane the Virgin!

A Water Bottle

OKAY, how many times do you mutter to yourself “I really need to drink more water” every week? And EVERY TIME you promise yourself you’re going to drink more water “tomorrow” or “next week”? I am guilty as charged, but I’ve made it my resolution as of RIGHT NOW (because why wait for the new year?) to sip water all day every day. I don’t need to explain to you the benefits of drinking water – it’s just all around good for you!

Kick-start your water intake with a brand new water bottle – something that YOU love and that works for your lifestyle. If you’re someone who likes their water to stay cold while you’re on the go, an insulated Hydroflask or S’well (my fave!) might be right for you! Or if you’re someone who drinks more water when they have a straw, a CamelBak or Contingo might be more your style. Whatever bottle you choose, make a promise to fill it up a certain amount of times a day, and stick to it! Your skin, brain, and stomach will thank you.


If you’re like me, you always think of little things you need to do (make a doctor’s appointment, finish up that last Econ 101 assignment) in the car, on the way to class, or at the gym. Obviously, none of those places are really convenient for breaking out a pen and pencil to-do list. However, I recently downloaded the app “Todoist” on my phone and my computer. It’s been the perfect way to jot down those little “Oh yeah, I need to do that!” moments, no matter where I am. Because let’s be honest, my phone/computer is always within a 5-foot radius.

While I’ve been on break, it’s been a great way to keep track of appointments, gifts I need to buy, and my workouts schedule! When I get back to school, I know it will be an awesome way to keep my assignments, blog posts, social media schedule, and just general life schedule straight and orderly. I love that the phone app syncs with the desktop app, so I know what’s going on no matter where I am!

If you’re currently living on campus but looking to move off in the next school year, now is the time to start apartment hunting! I recommend using Todoist to keep track of any apartment showings, meetings, or important signing dates. And don’t forget that CORT Furniture Rental can help furnish your new place and make your generic apartment your true home away from home! The team over at CORT came up with six of their own must-have products that you absolutely need to succeed!

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Are you guys pumped for next semester? I know we are! Whether you’re a freshman going into your second semester or a senior going into your last, there’s just something so special about heading back to campus after the holidays and getting a fresh start! How are you making the most of these last few weeks of break? And what content would you love to see from us in 2018? Sound off in the comments below! Also, let us know if you want to see more posts where Gabby and I write together!

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