2017 Year In Review | Gabby

December 31, 2016, feels like it was just yesterday. I don’t know why but these last few years have just seemed to fly. They always say that time flies when you’re having fun, right? This year has been pretty phenomenal in some aspects and kind of rubbish {am I British now?} in others. However, I’ve made some incredible memories and have loved reading a lot of other blogger’s posts and figured I would share my own 2017 Year in Review.

This is already going to be a long and sappy post so I’ll spare you that for now. Here we go from the top.

I immediately started playing with photography…

The first picture on my camera roll for 2017 is a flat lay with my new DSLR that I had received for Christmas. What’s fascinating is how much my little camera has pushed me to keep making new adventures and meet new people. I’ve never been able to just connect with strangers the way I can now. This blog and photography have given that to me and it honestly is the best thing ever.

We had the first of many brunch expeditions…

Brunch is always the answer. I’ve had my fair share of picturesque brunch meals. Here are just a few of my favorite ones. If you want to improve my day, ask me to brunch. Cute pics and tasty omelets are never a bad deal.

My first trip of the year brought me to Asheville, NC…

Mountain Weekend for my fraternity was probably one of the best weekends of the year for me. I got closer to so many people that I didn’t know as well. I got to explore the fun little city of Asheville and we got to hang in the most insane mountain mansion I’ve ever been in. I’m just sad I can’t make it this year.

I picked up another phenomenal little, and…

Probably one of the most challenging {in a good way} relationships that I’ve built all year. Imagine having someone that pushes the boundaries of all of your preconceived notions on people, places, and ways of thinking. Alex will do that for ya. Happy to have him in the family and hoping for a killer last semester creating more memories!

…watched us beat Duke!

One of the best home games I have ever been to. It was totally worth accidentally using my senior status to get tickets to the game. Always a #GDTBATH.

Got to explore Raleigh, NC…

… and Durham, NC.

Took a bestie road trip up to Washington, D.C. …


and spent formal in Wilmington N.C. …

while also watching UNC win the NATTY …

and managed to hit up the gym consistently in the spring.

My health journey has been pretty hit or miss this year and is going to be a big focus for me in 2018. The spring was a really good point for me. I hit the gym 5-6 times a week and was killing it in the kitchen. I know that I can handle it because I was traveling a ton in the midst of all of it. Things that work: finding a gym/work out/ motivation buddy and figuring out what you like to eat.

Took a ton of pictures of my coffee …

It’s no secret that I became a huge coffee fanatic this year. Sometimes, I’ll even drink it black now. I used to only be able to handle frappucinos y’all. This is huge. Latte art is my new favorite and if @rdubrews didn’t exist (only the best coffee Instagram in the triangle); I’d probably start another Instagram just for my coffee pictures.

 … and of my outfits.

This was the year of style for me. As I try and navigate how this blog will evolve once I leave undergrad, I find myself falling back onto three main categories: travel, style, and personal recap. These aren’t always the most popular but are the ones that I love writing most. So, you’ll see more of all three of these things in 2018. 

I started taking portrait photography seriously.

My first portrait session was in June– probably on the hottest day of the year at the hottest time. The pictures are special for me because it was my first time having to navigate my camera with someone else there and feeling sort of rushed to capture the perfect photo? It was thrilling and so much fun. Here’s to even more sessions in the new year.

Had the most incredible summer in sunny San Diego…

San Diego, CA has a special place in my heart. I have never felt more myself until I hit up the west coast. I mean the vibes are just warm– someone has literally described me as warm– and care-free {something I’m trying really hard to be}. I learned so much from my experience working at UC San Diego and had some breakthroughs on the career front that I desperately needed to figure out. Thankful for all the insight and skills the summer brought me.

… and lived my best life during a weekend excursion to Los Angeles.

I knew that I would like LA, but I never would have guessed that I would love LA. There is some kind of energy that vibes through the people and places of this SoCal city. I think it’s honestly just the right amount of extra. We jam-packed two days worth of things and I don’t even think we really scratched the surface. I’m so excited to head back to Los Angeles in 2018 because it was seriously that good for the soul. The Instagram was also on fire while I was here so that was A1.

I met two of my favorite college bloggers in Cali, too.

Saba and Sally were SO kewl and I’m thankful that I got to meet two bloggers that I follow consistently when they post. One thing I have learned about bloggers is that while we are generally interested in the same things on a superficial level. We are actually all so different and have so many different life experiences. It’s actually so fascinating to learn more about the personal life stories of people who you think you know pretty well from reading their blog. There’s nothing better than an in-person chat over tacos and frozen mochas.

collabed with Armitron to start a new– and final– school year.

We’ve had several brand sponsorships over the year, but I honestly like the content that I came up with for Armitron the best. Instagram stories have seriously changed the way that I’ve approached Instagram for brands and to see that work pretty well was really nice to see. I also go to show off my cute doormat from Target.

I also discovered the beauty of meal prep …

I will never go back. Meal prep is seriously the best and makes you feel like you have it so together. Even when you are barely passing three classes and have two back to back trips planned that you regret agreeing to until you’re there. Gosh, I loved 2017.

… and how much I love New York City…

I will live here. Tied with Los Angeles for best trip of 2017. I have already gushed about how much I loved New York City here and here. I think I’ll spare you any more details about how much this trip meant for me. NYC just screams opportunity and I love that. The inner ENTJ in me is screaming at the thought of it!

… also managed to go back across the country to Phoenix …

First Academic Conference. First Time in AZ. First time loving cactus pictures. You can check out things I learned here.

… and collabed with my {new} favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill.

If you knew me in person, you would know that I am quite literally obsessed with bartaco. I got to collaborate with them for the #bartacosecrettaco social media campaign. It was super cool learning about the history of the restaurant and the pictures were so fun that I posted my first foodie review on the blog.

was finally reunited with Hannah after 6 months.

The blogger shenanigans were real. It’s crazy that we basically just had practice for when we are both living adult life in different cities. I don’t think a 6-month reunion is that bad of an idea, to be honest. I’m a fan of new traditions especially if that means traveling!

rounded out my year of travel in New Orleans, LA.

Visiting family is always an experience. Luckily, they live super close to one of the coolest cities. It was dreary and definitely didn’t play into my idealistic sunny and 70 expectations. But, I did capture a cooler vibe in my camera than most of my other trips this year, so that was cool. I’m just hoping that 2018 will bring the same killer traveling experiences that 2017 definitely hit the mark on.

If you made it this far in the post, you are incredibl—y nosy. Just kidding, you are incredible! This year was filled with some stellar opportunities and experiences. I definitely think that I have a new attitude of approaching each day that I didn’t have in 2016. I’m ready to close this chapter and enter a new one. 2018 will definitely bring change and closure and I’m honestly ready for it. Three words that I would stamp 2017 with are travel, growth, and self-confidence.

What were your favorite memories of 2017? What’s one thing you’re already looking forward to in 2018? I know that a lot of the things that happened in 2017 weren’t planned until a couple of months before, so I’m ready to see what develops in 2018 for me. Thanks for another year of friendship and blogging!

keep on keepin’ on,


  • I have so many travels plans for 2018 (for Europe and for when I get back to the states) and either NC has got to be on the list or something because I NEED to get brunch with you.

    • I don’t know if you’ll be back in time to visit NC, but you’re definitely welcome to visit wherever I move to for the second half of the year to help me mark off my brunch bucket list!!
      xo, G

  • thetrendychick

    Loved this post! Hope your 2018 brings just as many incredible opportunities and memories!
    xo, Scarlett

  • Saba Sahmoedini

    Okay this post is so stinkin’ cute!! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you and hopefully we will be able to explore and brunch in LA/NYC/NC together very soon!! xo, Saba