My 2018 Goals

Twenty eighteen. What is up ?!

I am a sucker for everything new year related. I know I’ve read way too many resolution posts. Setting goals to better yourself is so important. Growth is something that I prioritize in my own personal journey. I think it contributes to my passion for learning and trying new things. This year is going to be focused on changes that are going to start piling on and preparing for them. Hannah wrote a couple days ago about how this was the year for self-discovery and betterment. I am here for it.

Graduating from college and hopefully starting my next journey to pursue a doctoral degree is going to be a process and I want to be in the best physical, mental, and social shape that I can be. I’m going to be approaching my goals posts a little differently this year. Once a month from now until December 2018, I will revisit my big picture goals that I’ll list down below. I’ll also set up smaller mini-goals that I want to focus on during that month. SMART goal setting is key to making sure you are actually hitting your marks at the end of the year.

A big part of that for me is going to be frequently revisiting my progress and assessing whether I’m matching up to my ambitious goals. I’m excited to move through this year’s goals on the blog and hope that you all enjoy seeing my real-time analysis of how I’m doing throughout the year.

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My 2018 goals are…

1. Undergo major lifestyle changes to improve my physical health and relationship with food.

I love food and I think that’s because my family background places food at a central part of our heritage and culture. However, I don’t have the best relationship with food on a day to day basis. As anyone who has existed probably knows, the kitchen is where the real change happens. I’ve been pretty consistently working out for years. I was a high school athlete and make time to work out while at college.

I’ve also not been as consistent with eating healthily. I want to be more conscious of what’s going in my body in 2018. I’ve had the most energy when I cooked my own meals and maximized fruits and veggies and “good-for-you” carbs.

I also want to get back to lifting. Hannah and I did a weight class at the end of the senior year and that class seriously made me feel the strongest. I want to get back into it by trying one of the weight classes at UNC this semester.

January Mini Goals
– Cook my own dinners 2 times a week. Mix up breakfast options.
– Choose 2-3 fitness classes that work in my schedule. Hit the gym 2-3 times a week.
– Track my food in My Fitness Pal every day.

2. Have additional methods of obtaining information and entertainment aside from social media and television/Netflix.

Over winter break, I read a book for pleasure in 2 days. Two days. I forgot how much I miss reading for fun. The sad excuse I typically use is that I don’t have time. Absolute nonsense. My goal for 2018 is to read 25 books over the course of the year. I want to read a range of different genres including fiction, non-fiction, “adulating/self-help”, and more.

I also want to find other ways of entertaining myself besides constantly binging shows on Netflix. Movies and television shows are a way for me to get the excitement that I think my life is lacking sometimes. But, I can get that same escape by going to more concerts or musical theater and dance performances. I’d like to attend 1 or 2 live performances over the course of the year. @JustinTimberlake, please go on tour. UNC also has pretty affordable tickets to events throughout the semester, so I want to hit that up too.

Lastly, I’d love to jump head first into the world of podcasts. I am an uncultured swine and haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet.

January Mini Goals
– Read two books in January: Big Little Lies and I Am Malala
– Start listening to a podcast: TBD.

3. Learn more about finances and start saving.

I’m pretty educated on most topics. I feel pretty well read on pretty much everything other than cars and finances. This year I want to learn more about my finances and how to best prepare myself moving forward. I’d really love to learn about investing. A couple of kids that I went to high school with would talk all about their stocks at lunch: riveting conversation, I know. Now I’m wishing that I would have paid a lot more attention.

I also would love to finally establish a permanent savings plan that I can automate and have consistently being pulled out of my checking and into the safety of my savings account. Also, building the self-discipline to not pull money out and spend it is also on my to-do list. Hannah has raved about Qapital for the longest and I think I’ll go ahead and start using that to also add more cents to my savings accounts.

Lastly, building credit is going to be a huge priority as I move into my first real run at adulting. After Washington D.C., the next closest place I applied is 9 hours from where I live in Virginia. I’m really invested in making sure that I’m financially comfortable and prepared for a rainy day when I won’t be able to immediately rely on my parents who are close enough to assist me here in Chapel Hill. I finally got around to getting a credit card so this will be a good chance for me to do some initial financial recon.

January Mini Goals
– Set up Qapital.
– Create a monthly budget.
– Find some resources for figuring out how stocks work.

4. Keep traveling.

2017 was definitely defined by all the traveling that I did. I met so many amazing people on my trips and got closer to people that I would have never guessed I would simply because I decided to go on road trips and weekend getaways to some of my travel wish list spots. I’d really love to plan a trip to Seattle. There is something that is pulling me there and I would love to see what all the hype is about. That’s one trip that I definitely want to plan for late summer or late fall. I also have my eyes on New York City for HerConference or NYFW.

This year will already include a ton of traveling because I need to decide where I want to spend the next 5-6 years. January through March will be spotted with quick trips to some of my favorite places across the country. I am excited for the chance to pick my new home. Wish me luck because I’m horrible at making timely decisions.

January Mini Goals
– Figure out my travel routine and become an expert packer.
– Get my finance plan right so that I can, in fact, travel to Seattle (+ wherever else) before the end of the year.

I’m super pumped for another year and I’m so ready for all the excitement that the major milestones I’ll hit this year are going to bring. Here’s to another good one filled with learning and growth, y’all!

Keep on keepin’ on,

  • I love how you added mini goals to help you achieve your bigger goals! Good luck with all of your goals!

    xo, brooke

  • Paxton Kammermeier

    Wow these sound like fantastic goals! I’m thinking about traveling up to Seattle too once I have my finances aligned <3.

  • These goals are fantastic! I’m also thinking about traveling up to Seattle soon <3.

  • Caitlin

    Love your goals! You’ll become an expert packer in no time, it didn’t take me long plus making a list in your phone really helps!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

  • Bernice Abuan

    Never heard anyone discuss the first goal before! I admire you want to try get alternate news sources. Social media often clouds stories, and puts a different spin on them.

  • Caiti

    I love that you actually explain the little ways to achieve your goals. I have been putting off a goals/resolutions blog post because I wanted to be certain of mine.

    Caiti // caitinicoleblog

  • Cindy

    I definitely recommend reading “Rich “Beach”” by Nicole Lapin if you’re seeking for financial advice, this book has helped me so much. Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso is always a good one to start with!

    Did you hear about HerConference 2018? It’s going to be on the July 21&22, I can’t wait for it! Buy your tickets before they sell out!

    Happy New Year and best of luck!

    You go girl!
    xo, Cindy