What’s the Roast | Vol II: On the Go

Hannah and I have decided to rotate every Wednesday to give you personal updates on what we’ve been doing and what we’re into from week to week. Catch me every other week with some updates, resources, and tips that I picked up on in the previous two weeks. How bout dat? Gosh, I’m hilarious. Alrighty, let’s get round two of this bad boy going.

What’s The Roast: Life

Between trying to settle into my new classes this semester and jet-setting off to a new destination every weekend [NYC -> Dallas -> NYC ->…], everything has been pretty chill. I’ve been able to strike up a pretty good balance between friends, the internet, and classes. All of these things bring so much joy into my life and I want to make sure that I dedicate the necessary amount of time to each. Balance is so so good.

I also promised in my 2018 goals post that I would give a monthly update. Since this is ~somehow~ going up on January 31st [apparently timing is everything], I figured it would be the perfect post to incorporate some updates on the January mini-goals I set for myself.

– Cook my own dinners 2 times a week. Mix up breakfast options. heck yeah

– Choose 2-3 fitness classes that work in my schedule. Hit the gym 2-3 times a week. sure thing s/o to Zumba

– Track my food in My Fitness Pal every day. lol

– Read two books in January: Big Little Lies and I Am Malala 1/2: Big Little Lies

– Start listening to a podcast: TBD. YAS. You Are Not So Smart.

– Set up Qapital. technically no BUT I now have a Cash Rewards credit card!

– Create a monthly budget. mhmmmm

– Find some resources for figuring out how stocks work. maybe next month

– Figure out my travel routine and become an expert packer. oh yes

– Get my finance plan right so that I can, in fact, travel to Seattle (+ wherever else) before the end of the year. OKAY I think so

February Mini Goals:

– Keep meal planning and prepping. I am killing it here!
– Get to the gym 3 times a week.
– Track food with My Fitness Pal every day.
– Read I am Malala.
– Create a new monthly budget.
– Keep saving for travel!

I think the key here was to reduce the number of goals for February and just step up the areas that I was already progressing in! Let’s see what February has to bring.

What’s the Roast: Current Loves


My Alexa is still my favorite thing. I’m also very into my iPad all of a sudden. I got this for Christmas about three years ago and used it on and off. I’ve finally accepted that the ebooks are the way to go for obvious reasons: easy to carry on the go and, quite frankly, cheaper is better when it comes to textbooks.

Anyway, I do all kinds of things on my iPad. I typically will do a lot of my class readings and notes using my iPad in coffee shops so that I can use the smaller tables that no one else can #scammedem. I’ve also been watching lots of Youtube videos while getting ready in the morning. It’s also really nice to use when I’m sitting in bed at night for reading blog posts on my Bloglovin’ app and just doing some general web surfing.


keepin’ it super simple: Jeanine Amapola. The Bachelor. My January Playlist. The Post.

Health & Fitness

I published a Week of My Meal Prepping post last week and people seemed to really like it [meaning it’ll definitely be a reoccurring thing]. Fun fact is that I was meal prepping and midway through I thought to myself, “Hm, maybe I should blog this”, and the next thing you know I have my DSLR in my hand.

Zumba has been my main form of cardio since I have an abbreviated school week. The other days that I’m in Chapel Hill, it’s a lot of strength and weight training. I’ve been bouncing between the Y, school, and my apartment gyms. Abigail created some leg and arm day plans and they are killer. Seriously, hooked a girl up with some bomb workouts.

Style & Beauty

Yoga pants have made their way back to my closet and have been a part of my go-to airport outfit. I’m all for a comfy and cute look and pairing my new favorite yoga pants from Old Navy, a Relaxed Tee, a black Bomber Jacket from Target, and some cute sneaks make for the perfect look.

Influenster also sent over a super cool beauty product that I haven’t yet tried out but will give you an update soon. I’m always anxious about new beauty products because my skin is very sensitive and breaks out so easily. I didn’t have any bad reactions when I swatched it on my hand, so that’s a good sign. It’s the MILK Blur Primer Stick and I totally believe in the power of a good primer and think it’s my secret to flawless face makeup.

What’s the Roast: From My Lens

I finally jumped behind the camera again for some style shoots with Camryn [aka one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve met yet]. We had our very first shoot together a week or two ago and the pictures came out so well. I promise I’m not just tooting my own horn. I was actually very proud of the pictures that I had taken straight out of the camera. I’ve really been trying to get better at utilizing manual mode quickly during shoots. Needless to say: I’m v. excited to see where this collaboration goes in the future!

I’m also trying to find my senior session promo models for this graduation season. This is my first and only graduation season here at Chapel Hill and I definitely want to be booking some sessions in the coming months. But, it’s much easier when you have applicable images for people to get an idea of what they would be paying for, ya know.

I’m also going to be doing a portrait session giveaway on Instagram in the coming weeks so be sure to follow my personal Instagram account @gabbywhiten!


the coffee of the week: Bean Traders Durham

keep on keepin’ on,