About & FAQ’s

Hey y’all! I’m Gabby,

~ The Basics: Senior, Biochemistry major [most of the time], UNC-Chapel Hill

~ I religiously attend brunch on the weekends: french toast & vanilla latte, please.

~ My love for Jane the Virgin, The 100, & Riverdale proves the CW is the best network out there.

~  Photography is my jam. Favorite thing to shoot: portraits! You can check out my pretty photos of pretty people here.

Currently vibing: Reputation, Amy Winehouse, Khalid.  My Spotify playlists are hopping.

The blog has grown to be so much more than a place to share my obsession with Old Navy workout clothes or my new favorite recipes. It’s where I get to connect with so many different people from around the world. Drop a comment or e-mail me to chat (gabby@theswirlblog.com).

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Hey y’all! I’m Hannah. I’m currently…

Studying: Chemical Engineering with a minor in business and a PhD in coffee consumption

Wearing: Platform sneakers & JCrew skinny jeans

Watching: Season 2 of The Office

Eating: Annie’s boxed Mac & Cheese

Drinking: Key Lime LaCroix

Listening to: “Man on the Moon” by Zella Day (check out my current playlist here!)

Reading: “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero

Photographing: Icicles & Winter Scenery (shameless plug for my photography Instagram)

Telling Everyone About: How I just signed up to run my second half marathon (prayers appreciated)! 

I’m so excited about contributing to The Swirl with Gabby! The Swirl has grown immensely from our little baking blog in 2015, and I love that it’s become a creative outlet to share my thoughts, college tips, and and life adventures with one of my closest friends!

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Q: What does The Swirl mean?

A: Well, we initially started our blog as a place to document and talk about our baking adventures. So, like the swirl on a cupcake… our blog is a pretty mixture of our college experiences, craziness with baking recipes, and just whatever comes to our brains. Also, Schmidt from New Girl uses “the swirl” metaphor to describe the relationship between him and Winston! We love that show and felt like that particular moment pretty much described our friendship, so we stuck with it!

Q: What do you blog about?

A: College, baking, and anything we think would be interesting to read! I, Gabby, really love writing college advice pieces so you’ll see a lot of that especially when move in and application season rolls around! As we start to transition out of college, look for more lifestyle and traveling pieces! 

Q: I love your blog and I want more of The Swirl! What can I do?

A:Thank you so much! Love you too 🙂 You can follow us on our various social media! G posts to Instagram daily and I, Hannah, love to pin to our style, quotes, and college boards! We’re also pretty active on Twitter and Facebook!

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Q: I have my own blog and would love to be featured on The Swirl, do you accept guest posts? 

A: Unfortunately, we are not accepting guest posts at the moment!

College (or college-aged *17-26*) are eligible to join our #TCBI or #SwirlSocial group board! Head over to our Pinterest account for more information on how to join!