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We’re back to blogging, y’all! Gabby and I always promise to keep up with the blog but somehow it always slips through the cracks. As seniors this year, we’re even more busy than usual! But fear not. We’ve got some great content coming up, starting with this little post on the easiest ways to save money in college!

While I'm not going to show you how to *stop* spending money, there are little things you can do to save money in college. Let's start saving!

Trying to juggle schoolwork + extracurriculars + a social life in college is a delicate balance, made even more difficult by the possible addition of an on-campus job. It feels great to make money during the week, but still, it’s not like you’re raking in thousands of dollars a week.

Or, if you are, hit me up. I want to know what kind of job you have.

But anyways.

Whether you get your money through an on-campus job, from your summer job, or from savings / parents / family, chances are that money is tight. Between going out to dinner with friends, paying for club dues and t-shirts, or simply browsing Amazon, somehow the money always disappears. While I’m not going to show you how to STOP spending money (I’m still working on this myself, yikes), there are little things you can do to save money in college. Every penny adds up, so let’s start saving!

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